How to Write Mailing Address on an Envelope? 

There are a few key aspects of writing a mailing address that should be included on the envelope. First, you should use the correct abbreviations when writing the address. Most parts of the address can be abbreviated, but you should always include them so that post office machines can read them. You also need to include any business building’s suite number or apartment number if applicable. You should also use a capital letter to designate a post office box.

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Including the recipient’s name 

The first line of a letter should always include the recipient’s full name, including title, as well as a business or organization name. Sometimes, people may write their title in front of their names, but it is not required. If you write the recipient’s name on the second line, mention the organization’s name, too. It is easier for postal service workers to deliver mail with the same business name on it. 

Avoiding abbreviations 

One way to avoid using abbreviations when writing mailing addresses on an envelope is to spell them out first or use parenthesis. Abbreviations are used for two reasons: to save keystrokes and to help the reader. However, you should never use an acronym without spelling out the full name or a contraction that only contains the first and last letters of the full word. You can use abbreviations only when space is limited. 

Including the ZIP code 

When printing your mailing address, including the ZIP code as part of the address. Including the ZIP code is critical because the USPS will need to know where your mail is coming from. You can use an address lookup tool, such as USPS’s online one, to ensure that your address is accurate. The last line of your mailing address must contain the country’s name. You must also include the country’s ZIP code. 

Writing the date 

If you’re addressing a letter or an envelope, you’ll need to write the date on the mailing address. Different countries write their dates in different ways. This practice is known as “endianness.” The term comes from Jonathan Swift’s novel, Gulliver’s Travels. Two factions break eggs – one on the large side and the other on the small. These two groups are called Big Indians and Little Indians. While you’ll find different ways to write the date on your envelope, you’ll likely be able to use the following methods: 

Including the etiquette 

There are several rules and etiquette for writing your mailing address on an envelope. If you are addressing a formal letter, use a full name, including your middle initial. Men’s first names should be written as “Mr.” and women’s first names should be “Ms..” Using “Dr.” for military or special designations is also acceptable.