How to Write a Direct Mail Fundraising Letter?

The task of writing a direct mail fundraising letter may seem daunting. After all, your entire fundraising goal may rest on every word. This pressure can easily lead to writer’s block. However, writing a profitable fundraising appeal is not impossible, and with practice, it can be enjoyable.

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Postscripts are the most read part of a fundraising letter

The postscript is one of the most important parts of a fundraising letter. It should highlight the main point of the letter, and it should also ask the recipient to take action. Many donors read the postscript before continuing to the main body of the letter. That is why many professional writers write a postscript first. It should motivate donors to donate and include valuable information. It should not be more than four lines.

Your letter should include an inspiring story or message for the donor to remember why the letter is important. It should also include information that demonstrates how the donation will help those in need. For instance, if the donor has contributed to a charity in the past, he or she may want to know more about the organization. Mentioning past work is an effective way to motivate donors and re-establish the nonprofit’s credibility. Your letter should also include your contact information.

Using a direct mail platform to write a fundraising letter

Using a direct mail platform for fundraising letters can help you target your fundraising appeals. It is important to target your donors according to their interests, and a fundraising letter can appeal to each subsection separately. You can segment your audience using CRM tools like Sendinblue, which shows content that is unique to the contacts in your database. Your fundraising letter should include information such as the issue the organization is working to address, how your organization is benefiting from its generosity, and the donation request.

Using a direct mail platform for fundraising letters can also save you money on labor.

Many direct mail providers charge high overhead costs, as they need to hire staff to manage high-quality donor lists, design, and mail letters. However, a direct mail platform will help you cut costs by allowing you to customize the letter using pre-designed templates.

Real-life stories move donors to give generously

Real-life stories can be the key to getting donors to give generously. Donors are inspired by stories of how they have experienced God’s goodness in their own lives and are moved to give. Donors often give despite their own logical beliefs, but stories that involve others can make them feel like they are making a difference in the world.