How to Track Direct Mail Response? 

If you’re planning to send direct mail, you’ll want to know how to track direct mail responses. There are a variety of ways to track responses, including using a dedicated toll-free number, using a personalized URL, and even using a QR code. However, you must remember that no one formula will provide you with accurate information.


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Using a dedicated toll-free number 

One of the most effective ways to measure a direct mail campaign’s response rate is by using a dedicated toll-free number. The number will be unique to the direct mail piece, and if you can track incoming calls to it, you can make sure that the piece is converting customers. In addition to the dedicated toll-free number, you can also track unique pageviews and subscribers using a dedicated landing page. 

For example, a business located in New York City may want to use a traceable toll-free number for its direct mail piece. This number will automatically forward to their main line and will allow the business to track the number’s performance. This will help them control costs and ensure that the number has sufficient phone service for the responders. 

Adding a personalized URL 

Adding a personalized URL to a direct mail piece is a powerful way to track response rates. This type of web address links recipients to a specific page on your website. Personalized URLs are a great way to keep visitors engaged and increase the chances of conversion. The best technology for personalized URL marketing is LookWho’sClicking, which tracks each respondent’s activity on your website and sends leads directly to your sales team. 

Personalized URLs can be used to link campaign-specific websites or surveys. They can be used to track visitor behavior to gain insights into their interests. Adding a personalized URL to your direct mail campaign is a powerful tool to help you better personalize your content. 

Using a QR code 

If you’re interested in knowing how well a particular piece of direct mail is performing, try using a QR code to track response. QR codes can be a powerful tool when used in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy. When used correctly, these codes can support your brand’s goals while adding value to your customer’s experience. 

While traditional direct mail can leave an emotional impact on customers, a QR code allows you to deliver targeted information and engage with your audience in a more personal way. Since consumers typically spend about 8 minutes sorting through their mail, this is a great opportunity to provide relevant information and connect with them on a deeper level. Using a QR code, your readers can scan the code and be directed to your website or another relevant website. 

Calculating cost per action 

Using a calculator can help you calculate the cost per direct mail response. Essentially, you need to divide the total cost of the direct mail campaign by the number of actions that were taken. You can then compare this figure to other direct mail campaigns or even digital marketing campaigns. In many cases, you’ll see that direct mail has a higher response rate than other marketing channels. 

This calculation is important in many ways. It can help you understand how to allocate your marketing dollars and identify the most effective marketing channels. For instance, if you’re promoting a product, you may want to determine how much it will cost to make a sale. A higher response rate means more revenue.