How to Remove Business From Direct Mail? 

If you are getting a lot of direct mail, and you have no desire to receive it, you can get your name off the list. There are a few steps you can take, but it may be necessary to contact the companies directly. 

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First, you need to gather any mail you have received in the past. Many magazines, newspapers, and other forms of media are available online, so you can go to their websites and see if you can find a way to delete them. You can also contact the customer service line of individual magazines to ask them to remove you from their mailing lists. Alternatively, you can send a letter to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to request to be removed from their database. This process will generally take 30 to 90 days but will cost you a small processing fee. 

Second, you need to check to see if you are on any new lists. Many companies will add your name to a new list after you register for a product or have taken part in a survey. Other ways to get your name on a new list include participating in sweepstakes or receiving advertising supplements. The best way to avoid getting your name added to a new list is to not participate in these programs. But it is still better to let your audience know about your brand than not to. 

Third, you can call the DMA or visit their website to see what companies are sending offers and how you can update your preferences. In most cases, it will not affect campaigns you have already received.