How to Print and Mail Quickly? 

If you’ve ever wondered how to print and mail quickly, you have come to the right place. You’ll learn about Default printers, Barcodes, PsPrint, Attachments, and more in this article. Once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know how to manage your machines and team for maximum efficiency. There are many ways to improve efficiency, as well as cut down on errors and maximize usage.


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If you are wondering how to print and mail quickly with PsPrint, you’ve come to the right place. The company’s integrated design services include mailing, printing, and e-commerce. And with its Design It! gallery, you can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates. You’ll no longer have to worry about setting up templates or worrying about print quality. And if you want a quick turnaround, you can use their foil stamping and die-cutting options. 

PsPrint is also known for its customization options. If you want to create a postcard that will get noticed, you can use PsPrint’s easy template designs. It also has affordable add-ons to make your marketing piece stand out from the rest. For example, PsPrint Ultra postcards are extra-thick, and you can get your postcards to die cut to shape or metallically foiled stamped for a more high-end look. 


For those who want to send mail faster, barcodes are an excellent solution. Not only do barcodes help print and mail quickly, but they also track the status of packages and mail. Businesses can scan a piece of mail before mailing it and send it out to a courier. This way, the customer can see the status of their order, and the seller can identify a particular customer by scanning a barcode. 

There are many ways to incorporate barcodes into your mailings. Mailers can use envelope finishing systems to add barcodes to their printed mailings. Other options include centralizing and standardizing the creation of barcodes on the production floor and using original data files. Whatever your mail printing and mailing needs, barcodes are the perfect solution. You’ll find them in all kinds of places. Here’s how they help. 

Default printer 

If you need to send a document quickly, it may be a good idea to set your default printer as the last one you used. This will allow you to print or mail documents with the click of a button. By default, your Mac will remember which printer was used at the last network location. To change the default printer, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers. Then, choose a printer and click the OK button. 

Many printers have different options that will affect your output quality. You can choose draft or high-quality print quality. High-quality printing will result in a darker image. The default setting is “draft,” which means your document will not be of high quality. You can select as many preset as you need and switch between them as you wish. To change the default setting, select the Printing Preferences button and select the desired print quality. 


One of the easiest ways to send an email is to attach an image to it. This is useful for creating PDF files, but there are also ways to print Word and Excel files. To open the image, click the “Open” button and then select “Print.” From here, you can choose which printer you want to print the attachment to. In this example, we will print a PDF file, which will open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. 

If you want to print multiple email attachments, Microsoft Outlook has a quick print option. This option is found under Attachments in the “Actions” group. When you select this option, a new window will open, where you can select the attachment you want to print. Then, choose “Print” in the Print dialog box. The attached file will be printed, and the process is the same as printing the message body.