How to Print and Mail QuickBooks Invoices? 

If you’re having trouble printing and mailing your QuickBooks invoices, this article will help you solve your problem. We’ll talk about MyMailHouse, Document, and the Template option. We’ll also talk about printing and mailing labels for your invoices. After you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll be able to use these services to print and mail your invoices. You can start printing and mailing your QuickBooks invoices today!

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QuickBooks error code 

Whether you need a single invoice or a list of hundreds, QuickBooks makes it simple to create, print, and mail your invoices. To get started, navigate to the Dashboard and select the Invoices tab. From here, you can search for an invoice and print it from there. If you need more than one invoice to print, you can add them to your queue and print them from there as well. You can also mail the invoices to an address of your choice. 


One of the easiest ways to print and mail QuickBooks invoices is through the Document software. This solution is free and scalable and allows you to send invoices through first-class and certified mail. It also features double-sided printing and customizable preferences, making it a convenient choice for small businesses. To get started, you simply download the tool to your computer and select the mail distribution preference. From there, the software will handle the rest. 

Template option 

The template option in Quickbooks makes it simple to create invoices regularly. You can choose to create an invoice every day, every week, or every month. This feature is especially useful for companies that need recurring invoices for repeat business. You can also customize invoices to match the needs of different customers. Depending on your business needs, you can choose to send out invoices to a particular customer regularly or every year. 

Customer tax code 

To print a tax-friendly invoice, enter the customer’s tax code in the Customer Tax Code box on the invoice form. You can change the default value or enter it manually. Once you have entered the customer’s tax code, you can then choose how to print and mail the invoice. If you’d like to print the invoices yourself, there are some tips you should know before starting. Listed below are some of the options available.