How to Opt-Out of Direct Marketing Mail? 

If you’d like to stop receiving unwanted direct marketing mail, there are several ways to do it. These methods include registering with the Do Not Mail List, Experian, and Nonprofit Catalog Choice. In addition, you can call the company’s 1-888 number and say “no” to receiving their unsolicited marketing material.

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Do Not Mail List 

Direct marketing mail can be a nuisance, but there are ways to stop it. One such method is by signing up for the National Do Not Mail List. Although this does not remove all unwanted mail, it eliminates a large percentage of junk mail. Another option is to register for Catalog Choice, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the volume of unwanted catalogs. This service costs a dollar per year, and it places your name on the do-not-mail list. 

The DMAchoice service allows you to specify what you want in the mail and opt-out of prescreened offers. However, opting out will not stop unsolicited offers, such as those from local merchants, companies, and alumni associations. 


When a person requests opt-out of direct marketing mail from a specific company, it should be understood that this does not stop all forms of marketing from that company. The opt-out does not prevent the organization from collecting the consumer’s data and using it for marketing purposes. This means that a consumer will continue to receive marketing communications from other companies and firms, including those that are part of the DMA. 

However, it is important to note that opting out of direct marketing mail is not enough to stop unwanted mail from affecting a person’s credit score. Some companies may have given the credit reporting companies your name and address before you opted out. Fortunately, there are several ways to limit the amount of unwanted mail. The Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service (MPS) is one option. By signing up for this service, you can get off the lists of many national direct marketing companies. However, it will cost you $2 to $3, depending on the method you choose to register. You can register online by visiting the DMA’s website. 

Nonprofit Catalog Choice 

If you’re tired of the catalogs coming in the mail, you can try a nonprofit catalog choice program. This service contacts catalog providers and asks them to remove you from their lists. Nonprofits offer the service for a small fee. The program also enables you to opt-out of specific categories of direct mail. 

To use the service, you first need to create an account at the nonprofit catalog choice website. From there, you can search for the catalogs you no longer want to receive and request to opt-out. Catalog Choice is a not-for-profit organization, and you can make donations online to support its work. 

You can also try to contact the catalog companies directly to ask them to stop sending you their catalogs. While some companies have made it easy to opt-out of the mail, others don’t. Some organizations don’t accept this type of mail because of its environmental impact.