How to Make Direct Mail Print Templates?

Using a template will ensure that your direct mail pieces meet the standards set by USPS, such as the required size, margins, and spaces for addresses and bar codes. It will also help you avoid formatting mistakes that can cost you money. By using a template, you can create direct mail pieces that look professional and are easy to read. The templates are easy to customize and are a great way to save time while designing and printing your direct mail pieces.

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A professional design isn’t hard to come by with Canvas direct mail print templates. This online tool lets you create postcards with an unlimited number of built-in graphics, as well as upload your images. It even lets you add a background color if desired. Then, just print your design and order multiple copies. Then, you’re ready to start generating buzz for your brand! 

Every Door Direct Mail 

When it comes to creating and sending Every Door Direct Mail, you’re going to need indicia, or the return address, on your mailing piece. There are two types of indicia, one for retail customers who take their mail to their local post office and one for Print Only customers who drop off their mail at a Business Mail Entry Unit. Regardless of the format you choose, your indicia must be located on the top half of the mailing piece, with at least one-eighth inch space between the top edge and the right edge.