How to Format Mailing Address Properly? 

The first thing you should know is how to format mailing addresses properly. The correct way to write your address is to start with the first letter of the address and continue with the last letter. You can follow this guide to format your address properly. Then, you should include abbreviations, the Anglicized version of your country, and the two-letter state abbreviations. The final step is to insert a stamp at the top right corner of the envelope.

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If you want to avoid using a full street address, you can use the city and state abbreviations. If you live in the United States, you can abbreviate your city and state with the ‘U.S. Embassy in Rabat’. The US Embassy in Rabat is located at 2 Avenue de Mohamed El Fassi. The US Postal Service publishes a Postal Bulletin every two weeks that list restrictions for mailing certain sizes and articles. The USPS website offers a list of State Abbreviations and a history of each. The current 2-letter codes were adopted in 1963 along with the Zip Code. 

Upper and lower case 

To keep your email address from being misinterpreted, you should avoid using all capital letters and upper and lower case letters. While some email platforms are smart enough to figure out that some people may be confused, they don’t always do so. For example, Gmail ignores full stops in usernames. This makes it important to be consistent when creating your mailing address. Use lower case letters when writing your email address. It’s much easier for recipients to remember your address. 

Anglicized version of the country name 

In addition to the official country name, mailing addresses may include the Anglicized version of the country name. The Anglicized version of the country name is generally accepted, but some people prefer the phonetic spelling. Anglicized versions of the country name are also less costly to mail: a one-ounce letter will only cost 55 cents to mail in the U.S. in January 2020. 

Using two-letter state abbreviations 

US postal addresses include the state name, the two-letter state abbreviation, and the five-digit ZIP code. Extended ZIP codes may include a hyphen and four additional digits, but aren’t required. If the city name is included, it should be in the same line as the state name. Using two-letter state abbreviations in the format of a postal address is a simple and effective way to make your mailing addresses uniform.