How to Fold a Legal Size Letter For Mailing? 

Knowing how to fold a legal size letter for mail is a basic skill you’ll need to send a business or personal letter. There are several basic folding techniques you can use, as well as some etiquette rules. These tips will help you fold your letter correctly. Follow them to make your letter look its best when you mail it. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it will be!

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You can fold a legal size letter for mailing in a variety of ways. Depending on your preference, you can either fold it right or left. Either way, you should make sure to fold the letter at least 90 degrees. You can use a bone folder or a ruler to crease the folds. When you have folded the letter correctly, you can tuck in the corners. 

If you are using an envelope that features an open rectangle or a window, you must fold the letter on the back. This will leave the name and address exposed in the window. When you are folding, you should fold the top third of the letter so that it resembles the letter Z. You can then add a sticker seal to both flaps. After you’ve folded the letter, you can seal the envelope. 


To fold a legal-size letter properly, you must first line up the edge of the top flap with the bottom edge of the bottom flap. Next, fold the top flap toward the center, leaving a half-inch gap at the top. Fold the letter in half, with the long side coming to the center. Once you have lined up the edges, crease the sides of the letter using a ruler. Using the ruler’s edge as a guide, fold one-third of the way into the right side. 

Before folding, check your spelling and grammar. If necessary, you can use a folded envelope to fold the letter correctly. Alternatively, you can use a letter template. If you have not received a letter in the past, you can print out a template of the correct size and fold it. After folding, the letter is ready to be mailed. To mail a legal-size letter, you must follow these steps. 

Etiquette of folding a legal-size letter before putting it in an envelope 

Before slipping your letter into an envelope, make sure you fold it correctly. Fold it so that the bottom edge is about one-third of the way up the page and the top edge is about one-third of the way down. You can use an envelope flap as a guide to make sure the folds are straight. After folding the letter, line it up with the flap on the envelope. Fold the bottom half of the letter first, and then fold the top half up. When folding the letter, make sure that it fits into the envelope, and then fold the rest of the letter in. 

Fold the letter in such a way that the recipient can easily read the contents without having to turn it. Fold it twice, once for half the length and once for one-third. Make sure that the letter is folded as neatly as possible. Then, place it in the envelope. When it’s done, it should look like a Z. If it is not, then you can leave it plain.