How to Do Mailing Labels?

If you’re wondering how to do mailing labels, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through the process of designing your mailing labels in Word and Google Docs. First, make sure you have a mailing list. You can then click on Mailings from the Start Mail Merge taskbar. Then, select Label Vendors, such as Microsoft, and 30 per page. Click OK to create your mailing label.


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Creating a mailing list 

If you’re sending a mass email, creating a mailing list is a great way to send it quickly and efficiently. Instead of manually entering each person’s email address and relying on CC and BCC features, you can create a list that includes all of the recipients. This method is time-consuming and prone to error. You can save time by using a mailing list that is already sorted by demographic. 

Creating a mailing label in Word 

Creating a mailing label in Word is an easy task that you can complete with your computer. If you are not a Word expert, there are several steps you can follow. Using the Create Labels tool in Word makes the process easier and more convenient. Unlike standalone label templates, you can use a blank template to make multiple mailing labels in one document. This option allows you to print the label on one page and then type different information on each label. 

Creating a mailing label in Google Docs 

To create a mailing label in Google Docs, you can use the merge fields feature. Simply click the double arrows to insert the merge fields and then drag the label text onto the cell. To use the merge fields feature, you must have a mailing list and linked addresses. Next, select the printer in the sidebar and choose the printer that you wish to use. If you want to add a return address or a city, double-click it. Once that is done, you can click the “Create labels” button to make a new document with a full sheet of labels. 

Creating a mailing label in FedEx 

You can create a mailing label in FedEx without having to know the details of your shipping address. You can easily generate a mailing label in FedEx by following the steps outlined below. After completing the process, the label will be available to be printed. You can use the same file to print it in different locations. Once the mailing label is generated, it will contain a QR code that will enable you to track the shipment.