How to Change the Mailing Address? 

If you have received an address verification request letter, you can change it. But before you do so, you must get a confirmation code from your email. This code is a unique number that allows you to make the change. Make sure to keep this code handy. It will help you make the change successfully. However, you cannot change the mailing address of someone else unless you have their consent. To do so, you must contact the company via phone or email.

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Verify your address 

If you’ve just changed your mailing address, or you’re planning to change it, you should always make sure that your new address is valid. Mail sent to an invalid address will not be recognized by the USPS. Invalid addresses have two common causes: they are not registered, or they’re in a different state. Also, an address may be invalid if the house number or street name is not included. The main reason for an invalid address is the lack of information. This could be because the address is vacant, a new one, or is in a PO Box area. 

Check for errors 

There are many ways to check for errors when changing the mailing address. It can be easy to make a spelling mistake or forget to add the correct street number or zip code. In addition, the USPS’s database is susceptible to mistakes. Changing an address can result in an error, so make sure to verify it with a validating service before making any changes. Here are three steps to validate an address before you send it to the USPS. 

Get a confirmation code 

To change your mailing address, you’ll need to get a confirmation code. It’s usually a 16-digit code printed on the letter or in an email from the USPS. If you don’t have this confirmation code, you’ll have to call the USPS or talk to the clerk at the post office to get it. Once you have it, use it to confirm your change with USPS. They’ll send you a letter confirming your new address, as well as a confirmation email. 

Submit request online 

There are two ways to change your mailing address with the USPS. You can go to your local Post Office to change your address or you can submit a request online. Whether you change your address by phone or online, the process is fairly similar. You need to provide a zip code and a USPS confirmation number. The confirmation number is found on a letter that was sent to your old address, and it will also be included in the email that you receive when the change is made. 

Go to a local post office 

If you need to change your mailing address for more than 15 days, you can visit your local post office. You can also apply for a temporary change of address, which is valid for 15 days to one year. Changing your mailing address can be done online, in person, or by mail. If you are changing your mailing address for a longer period, you can apply for a permanent change.