How to Address Direct Mail Correctly?

When planning to use direct mail as a marketing medium, it is helpful to know how to address direct mail properly. The technique of saturation mailing focuses on sending the same message to large numbers of prospects, such as 75 percent of business and residential addresses. While targeted mailing works better for smaller numbers of prospects, it requires fine-tuning the message and its offers to meet the specific needs and interests of the prospect. Time and budget will play a role in how to address direct mail correctly.

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Common mistakes in direct mail marketing

One of the most successful forms of marketing is direct mail. But, it is not without its problems. A number of common mistakes can make your marketing efforts a total flop. Listed below are 4 common mistakes in direct mail marketing that you should avoid:

Effectiveness of direct mail marketing

The effectiveness of direct mail marketing can be measured. A recent study from the U.S. Postal Service shows that 62 percent of consumers have responded to direct mail in the last six months. It is also important to know that people read mail, but fewer than one in five people actually scan it. Direct mail is a great way to meet marketing KPIs and support sales. But what does it really mean for a brand?

Cost of direct mail

A direct mail campaign can be expensive, depending on the size of the pieces, the paper stock used, and the coating option. For example, a small postcard requires less ink and paper than a multi-page letter, but smaller pieces do not provide as much impact as larger ones. Therefore, marketers must find a balance between controlling costs and maximizing impact. This can be done by carefully choosing the size and format of the pieces.

Cost per piece

To lower your cost per piece of direct mail, you should focus on how targeted and valuable your mailing list is. While the cheapest option may be attractive, it is important to remember that the cheaper option doesn’t always mean that the mailing will be successful. Focus instead on the costs of data cleansing, targeting options, and other services. Depending on your marketing objectives, a higher cost per piece of direct mail may provide a better return on your investment.

Cost per thousand

Cost per thousand of direct mail is a common way to compare the cost of direct mail to the cost of other media. While direct mail is an expensive form of advertising, it has long been a trusted and reliable form of advertising. In fact, cost per thousand is often far lower than the cost of other marketing methods, such as email or digital media. And, the return on investment from a direct mail campaign is generally much higher than the cost of other media.

Call to action

A good call to action in a direct mail piece is crucial for guiding your reader to the next step. The action must be clear, concise, and leave the reader wanting to take the next step. The call to action should also be memorable and easy for the reader to recall. Here are some ideas for making your call to action a success. Here’s a basic template. You can use it to increase response rates.