How to Add a Mailing Address to a Stripe Invoice? 

If you need to include a mailing address on your Stripe invoice, there are a few different steps you can take. These steps can help you customize your invoice to your customer’s preferences. These steps include choosing the preferred language, adding a custom field, and more. You can also update this field using the Stripe API. In addition to the mailing address, you can also add public information like a support email address, business website, and phone number. You can also set the invoice default to your business address, so customers can contact you in the event of a problem or question. 

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Custom fields 

You can add a mailing address to a Stripe invoice using custom fields. Custom fields are data points that show up on the top right corner of an invoice. They can contain up to four key-value pairs. You can use them to show tax compliance codes, contractor numbers, or any other piece of information you need to provide your customers. You can set these fields up to appear on all invoices for a specific customer or on selected customers. 

Tax calculation 

To automate tax calculation in Stripe, you can use the Tax feature. In Stripe, you can enter tax rates, and then the system will calculate the tax amount automatically for future invoices. If you use this feature, you can export tax summary reports for later use. 

Accepted payment methods 

If you’re using Stripe to collect payments for your business, you can choose to automatically display a list of payment methods to your customers during checkout. To do this, simply go to the Stripe Dashboard and navigate to Payment Methods. You can also manually list your payment methods in your code, but we recommend you enable automatic payment methods. Automatic payment methods automatically pull payment preferences from your Stripe Dashboard and display the most relevant payment options to your customers. 

Default payment terms 

Default payment terms are automatically assigned to invoices, but you can change them manually. You can do this by editing the invoice template. To do this, you’ll need to be using the 2020-03-02 API version. You can also change the numbering sequence. By default, the sequence is set to begin at 0001, but you can change this to any number you want. If you change the sequence after you create an invoice, it won’t affect any of the existing ones. 

Creating a Stripe invoice 

You can add a mailing address to your Stripe invoice. If your business sells physical products, the shipping address is the most relevant. Otherwise, the billing address is the most relevant for tax compliance. You can also add a localized URL to your invoices, such as a localized PDF. You can also customize the invoice content for each customer. To learn more, see Customizing invoices.