How Reliable Are Mailing Letters in the US? 

When it comes to mailing letters in the United States, it’s no secret that the U.S. Postal Service has had some problems in recent years. The company has been criticized for its frequent misplacing of mail and other issues. However, in recent months, the Postal Service has improved its delivery times and overall reliability. It estimates that more than a billion-holiday card will be delivered this month. 

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In December, postal delivery times were at their lowest. 97 percent of all mail received was delivered within seven days. In the first quarter of 2021, the USPS reported that about 20% of all first-class mail was delivered late. But despite the improvements, the United States Postal Service is still not where it should be. 

One of the major reasons for the decline in the Postal Service’s reliability is the rise in electronic payments. About 30 percent of all first-class mail now is transactional. This includes invoices, bills, and requests for donations. In addition to the influx of mail, the United States Postal Service also faced a significant rise in parcel volume. This led to lockdowns and staff shortages. Although the Postal Service has improved its on-time delivery rates, it hasn’t been able to completely avoid delays and breakdowns. The Postal Service’s problems can be complicated, and sometimes they can even damage your mail. 

Another reason for the Postal Service’s delays is the weather. In some areas, especially in rural areas, it can take longer to get mail to the processing centers. This can be a problem if you send an envelope with a furniture piece in it. The United States Postal Service has committed to delivering 98% of all local mail in two to five days. The mail delivery time for packages that travel a long distance depends on the shipping option chosen. For example, a package that travels from San Francisco to Chicago might take up to five days. 

For customers who want to ensure that their mail is delivered on time, the best solution is to send mail through the United States Postal Service. But before sending your mail through the Postal Service, it’s important to check the mail’s destination. For instance, if your letter is headed to a US territory, it might take longer to arrive than if it’s sent to Hawaii. Other factors can impact the delivery of your mail, such as the shipping option you choose. Luckily, USPS has provided an easy way to find out what the mail’s delivery times are for your area. 

If you are looking for a more reliable postal service, you might want to consider a third-party provider. A service like Mailform offers reliable, bulk mail shipping. For a lower price than the USPS, it can be an affordable option. The service offers a money-back guarantee for packages that aren’t delivered on time. The only downside is that the company contracts with several postal providers.