How Often Should You Send Out Direct Mail? 

You can send out direct mail as often as you like, but there is the best time to send it. The months of July to September are a great time to send out direct mail. The reason is that people receive less mail during the summer, which means that your mail is less likely to get tossed into the junk pile.

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It’s cheap 

Direct mail can be expensive, especially the first few times you send out a mailing. Even first-class postage can add up. Plus, if the message is generic, you will be wasting money. But there are ways to make it more affordable. First of all, think about the format. Whether you send out postcards, letters, or brochures, the size of your mailing will affect the price. 

The cost of sending direct mail is the primary reason why most businesses shy away from this type of marketing. It’s hard to track its success and there are many variables to consider. Another drawback is that you can’t edit a mailing after it goes out. In addition, it’s expensive to customize the content. This is why it’s best to focus on aspects that you can repeat in the future. 

It’s effective 

One of the best practices in direct mail is to send out a piece at least once a week. However, sending more than once a week can make the recipient feel desperate and pushy. Sending a mailing a week can also result in the recipient forgetting it, which can result in wasted marketing efforts. 

When it comes to direct mail, you have to be a little bit creative and relevant. A good idea is to send a special offer after the first purchase or on a customer’s birthday. Don’t bombard them with too much direct mail – it can quickly become annoying and erode customer trust. 

It’s consistent 

Consistency is a key ingredient in a successful direct mail campaign. This tangible marketing tool can drive sales by increasing brand awareness. For example, a postcard from Le Tote demonstrates the value proposition, benefits, and ease of use of the product. It also contains a coupon that may be redeemed for a free Tote. Even if your recipient chucks the postcard, it still helps you get the name and face of your product in their mind. 

Consistency in sending out direct mail is also crucial to building trust and recognition. When recipients are aware of when to expect the next email, mailer, or phone call, they’re more likely to open it. It’s also helpful to provide a timeline for the campaign, as this indicates organization. 

It’s efficient 

If you want to get the best results from your direct mail campaign, you need to send out several mailings at regular intervals. Most marketers start seeing results after the third mailing. It’s crucial to measure response rates and set goals. A few days between mailings is a good rule of thumb. 

The frequency of mailings should be matched to the value of the offer. Sending out the same offer to the same customer twice in a week or every day would be counterproductive if the offer was not valuable enough to warrant repeated mailing. For example, a new customer is less likely to purchase if he or she receives more than one mailing from a particular company.