How Much to Print 5000 9×12 Direct Mail Postcards? 

You’ve likely wondered: How much does it cost to print 5,000 9×12 direct mail postcards? And now you know: it doesn’t cost that much. You can get 5000 postcards printed for as little as $39. But what about the mailing costs? This article will give you the answers you’re looking for, so you can budget your next marketing campaign. Whether you’re sending out postcards to a local audience or a global market, it’s important to be prepared for these expenses

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Cost of printing 5000 9×12 direct mail postcards 

The most popular size for EDDM postcards is 6.5×11″. This provides ample marketing real estate and stands out in the mailbox among other mail pieces. The size is also ideal for direct mail campaigns with high volumes of mail. EDDM postcards are available in a variety of colors and paper types. Their weight is only 3.3 ounces, making them easy to mail. The postcards can be bundled together and delivered to target areas. 

The price of EDDM postcards is lower than the price of non-EDDM versions. However, you must consider the number of postcards you plan to mail and the size of each one. In general, you need to order 5000 EDDM postcards to reach as many potential customers as possible. These postcards can be easily customized. You can include a logo or any other information you want. 

EDDM retail postcards have many advantages. For one thing, you can mail them via First Class for less money, and they are delivered faster and have free forwarding and return services. Also, the USPS defines a postcard as a piece of mail that measures between 3.5″ x 5″ and 4.25″ x 6″ – anything bigger is considered a letter. Small postcards are effective for simple messages and simple designs. 

Cost of mailing 5000 9×12 direct mail postcards 

When you need to mail 5000 postcards, you should check the cost of postage. Depending on your mailing list, the cost may be as low as $0.30 per postcard or as high as $1.70. Postage rates are based on a standard size, so if you choose to mail your postcards in a rectangular shape, you should add $0.35 per postcard. Regardless of how many postcards you plan to mail, the total cost to mail 5000 postcards will be around $350. 

EDDM postcards are designed to fit into mailboxes and are available in four different sizes: small (4.25″ x 6″), standard (6″ x 9″), jumbo (6″ x 11″), and extra large (9×12). If you plan to mail your marketing postcards in large quantities, you should consider using smaller postage rates. In most cases, the postcards are cheaper when you mail a smaller amount. 

EDDM retail allows you to reach a large number of people for a low price. The postage on standard postcards is $0.35, while commercial first-class postcards are $0.058. With EDDM, you’ll be able to mail large volumes of direct mail postcards at a low rate. You can also drop them off directly at your local post office, which guarantees you the lowest postage rates and the fastest delivery possible.