How Much Should I Charge to Print and Mail Manual Paychecks For My Clients? 

How much should I charge to print and mail manual paychecks for the clients I manage? There are several factors to consider, including the number of checks, the cost per invoice, and the time it will take to complete. I’ll cover some of those factors in this article, as well as show you how to do it yourself with Toast. Follow these steps for a more accurate price.

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For many businesses, the costs of printing and mailing manual checks are a necessity. These checks must be processed by hand by getting the bank account number, writing the check, and mailing it. Processing checks by hand can also consume a great deal of time. If you are the type of business that needs your paychecks to be processed quickly, computer-based payroll software can help you save time and money. 

Time frame 

Once you have created your manual checks, you’ll need to assign them to a specific payroll. You can do this in two different ways. The first is to use the Pay Cycle Dashboard. You can find past payrolls by selecting Company > Payroll > Past Payrolls. This will let you know the total amount and the number of manual checks. To assign the manual check to a payroll, follow the steps below. 

Using Toast to print checks 

Using Toast to print manual paychecks for clients can save you time and money. This fully integrated payroll solution enables you to print checks from your printer. You can choose from three types of checks, including one that has a digital signature. Printed checks will vary in color, but they should always be formatted properly. Bank information should be under the red area, above the perforation, and in MICR font. You can also choose whether to distribute checks in person at the location, or via mail.
When using Toast to print manual paychecks, you will need to set up a payroll account. Then, you will need to choose a pay interval, or set up recurring payments. If you need to change the frequency of payments, Toast has a one-click feature for that. In addition, Toast provides time-tracking tools. The software lets you assign specific drivers to different jobs, and it tracks their time from order submission to delivery. Toast also includes an inventory management system. This helps you manage your inventory and provides you with comprehensive reporting. It also features a recipe costing tool and a menu engineering chart.