How Much Does the Postal Service Charge for Bulk Mailing of Postcards? 

The Postal Service charges for bulk mailing of postcards in several ways, depending on the type of mail you’re sending. For example, it will charge less for mailing flats or parcels that weigh more than one pound than it will for a letter that is only 1 ounce or less in weight. 

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Bulk mail is an excellent way to send a variety of promotional items to hundreds or even thousands of recipients at a low cost. It is particularly useful for nonprofit organizations that use mail to raise money and for businesses that use a lot of flyers or direct mail pieces to communicate with customers. 

USPS Marketing Mail (formerly known as Standard Class, First Class, or Second Class) is the cheapest option for most business and nonprofit advertising and newsletters. It is also the most common type of bulk mailing. 

Non-Profit Mail is another popular type of bulk mail, and the Postal Service offers special rates for non-profits. These rates can pay as much as 70% less than the price of First Class. 

To qualify for these rates, non-profits must apply to the USPS by completing a Non-Profit Standard Mail Application form 3624. This process can take up to a week and involves sorting and barcoding. 

If you want to save even more on your bulk mailings, it’s a good idea to mail your letters or postcards from a USPS sorting center. You can find the sorting centers by visiting the USPS website. 

Other ways to save on your bulk mailings are to mail flats from EDDM and to use mailing permits. A mailing permit will allow you to print the same markings (a permit imprint) on all of your mail pieces indicating that you have paid for postage. This will save you time and effort by preventing you from having to apply stamps or metered postage to each piece separately. 

Postal Permits for Bulk Mailing

In order to mail postcards in bulk, you must apply for a bulk mailing permit from the Postal Service. These permits cost $175, and the Postal Service imposes an annual fee on the permit as well. However, it is possible to get your permit waived if you print “full-service” barcodes on your mailpieces and submit the mailing documentation electronically. 

For non-profits, mailing permits are even more important as they can help you save up to $0.173 for every mailed postcard. This makes sending a large number of postcards to donors or supporters a cost-effective way for non-profits to raise funds for their organizations. 

Non-profits can also take advantage of a special class of marketing mail called Bound Printed Matter. This class of mail is a great choice for catalogs, books, and other heavier items that don’t fit into any of the other bulk mail categories. 

Postcards are a very versatile way to advertise your organization and engage your customers. You can add photos, information about your business and products, and more. The key is to know which kind of postcard you should send and to plan your campaign accordingly.