How Much Does Sending 10,000 Pieces of Mail Cost? 

It can be hard to imagine how much sending 10 000 pieces of mail can cost, but some simple calculations can help you determine exactly what your campaign will cost. First, you need to divide the cost of your pieces by their number. For example, if your mailing list is 10 thousand, your fixed costs are roughly $0.10 per piece, while if it is only 500 pieces, your fixed costs are closer to $2.00 per piece.

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Postage costs 

Many factors go into determining how much a mailing costs. The first thing to consider is the size and weight of the pieces. Smaller pieces weigh less than large ones. If the mail piece weighs under ten ounces, it can be mailed by USPS as standard mail. 

First-class postage costs 58 cents per piece. However, you will need to consider that USPS only offers large rolls of stamps, so if you’re looking to send 10 000 pieces, you may want to buy smaller rolls of stamps from a private retailer. 

Delivery costs 

The cost of sending 10 000 pieces of mail can be quite substantial. Various components make up a marketing campaign, such as design, copywriting, and mailing lists. The costs of these elements can range from $10 to $1,000. A mailing list can cost as much as $30 per thousand records, depending on the quality of the list, number of entries, and frequency of use. Another component of a marketing campaign is printing, which can add up to as much as $2 per piece. 

Direct mail design costs 

When you send out 10 000 pieces of mail, the cost of the mailing process can be quite high. You must consider several costs, including design and copywriting. A good designer can charge around $100 to $2,000, but the cost will be higher if you need a more complex design. Another cost you should factor in is the cost of printing. Printing a mailing can cost anywhere from $0.05 to $2.00 per piece. The size of the mailpiece also plays a role in the cost. 

While postage is the most obvious expense in a direct mail campaign, there are many other costs involved. Some are static and don’t fluctuate with volume, but others increase dramatically. That’s why some mailers try to limit the size of their campaigns to stay within their budget. You can also consider using PostGrid to handle the printing and mailing.