How Much Does Mailing Cost? 

Whether you send postcards or letters, it’s worth knowing how much your mailing costs. While postal prices are rising overall, first-class letter mailing costs are increasing by 3.4% to 60 cents. While you can still save a few cents by using “forever stamps,” the new prices will impact your budget. Here are the most important postal costs for first-class letter mailing. And keep in mind that postcards will now cost 44 cents.

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Online postage rates 

Before deciding on the best shipping method for your mailing, it is important to know how much postage will cost. Many carriers offer different per-pound rates for the same package. The more weight a package has, the less it will cost to ship. USPS rates also depend on the size of the package. Oversize packages, over one pound, and packages over 130 inches are subject to different rates than other types of packages. 

Large envelopes 

You may be wondering how much it costs to mail large envelopes. First-class mail carries different postage rates for large envelopes compared to smaller packages. First-class flats start at $1.00 for 1 ounce and go up to $3.40 for thirteen ounces. Large envelopes have special dimensions. Generally, they’re nine inches wide by twelve inches high and one-fourth of an inch thick. 

Metered first-class postage 

The cost of metering first-class postage varies greatly. Some postage meters provide up to 30% savings over traditional stamps, while others are more expensive. You should be aware of any additional charges, such as presorting or insurance. If you send large quantities of mail, a fixed-fee lease is most affordable. If you send a small amount of mail each day, a usage-based fee structure makes more sense. 

Forever stamps used for international letters 

Forever Stamps can be used for mailing letters internationally. The cost of international letters depends on the weight and destination. You can use the USPS’s online tool to calculate the cost of international mail. Simply enter the weight and destination of your letter and divide it by the current Forever Stamp value. If you want to send a cheaper letter, you can consider using a lower-value stamp. However, you must factor in the additional cost of international stamps and shipping. 

UPS flat-rate shipping 

If you are looking for a flat-rate shipping cost, UPS has the answer. UPS offers flat-rate shipping for a variety of items. These include packages weighing up to 70 pounds, small packages, and large boxes. The cost is usually predictable and static. The shipping time varies based on the size and weight of the package. For example, UPS Flat Rate shipping costs vary from three to five business days depending on the size.