How Much Does Direct Mail Cost? 

You’re probably wondering how much direct mail costs. It is advertising mail that you receive from companies, organizations, or other individuals. Some people also call it junk mail, admail, or mailshot. Read on to learn how to calculate the costs of your direct mail campaigns. You might even find yourself wondering how much your direct mail campaign will cost if you’re not sure what you’re getting into. There are a few things you can do to make your budget go further.

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Cost per piece 

A good way to gauge the cost per piece of direct mail is to compare the costs of mailing a variety of different pieces. Letters, postcards, and oversized envelopes have a higher response rate than smaller sizes, but they will cost more to print and mail. Letter-sized mailers should be used for serious products or services, while colorful postcards can be used for fun offers. Each type of mailing has its own cost, and you should choose the right one based on your business. 

Printing charges 

If you’re planning to send out direct mail to your target audience, you’ll need to know how much the printing charges are. The size of the mailpiece you use is one of the primary determinants of printing costs. You might want to consider using a larger paper size, but that also means that you’ll pay more for glossy finishing. On the other hand, a small postcard may be effective for a fast-food chain. 

Shipping charges 

The most significant component of a direct mail campaign is the postage costs, and the cost of first-class and standard-class mailings varies greatly. When planning your campaign, consider using different classes of mail, the destination you plan to send your pieces to, and how fast you want your mailings to arrive. USPS has several mailing options to suit your needs. If you’re not sure which type of mailing is best for you, check out their mailing guidelines to find out what is the most affordable and most effective solution. 

Copywriting charges 

In addition to the standard project fee, copywriters may charge more if they are required to research the products or services they are writing about. This may include conducting interviews with customers or reviewing the competition’s marketing campaigns. The more research a copywriter does before beginning a project, the higher the fee. In some cases, a copywriter may have to read a 400-page book before beginning a project. 

List costs 

The cost of a direct mail list depends on several factors. Some list providers charge a flat rate regardless of the number of addresses purchased; others reduce the price per address as the number of addresses increases. The overall cost depends on the type of mailing list and its usage. Some lists can be used only once while others can be reused as many times as desired. There are also varying costs for the hygiene of a list. Here are some tips to minimize the overall cost of a direct mail list.