How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

If you’re new to direct marketing, one of the first questions that you may have is: “How much does direct mail cost?” Postage rates, Design, and Shipping are just a few of the things you need to consider. However, the final cost of your mailing will depend on the overall project. The following article will explain the costs of different aspects of your mailing campaign. In addition, it will outline the costs associated with each of the steps.

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Postage rates

If you’re planning to send out any direct mail pieces in the coming months, then you need to know about the upcoming changes in USPS postage rates. The new rates go into effect on January 24, 2021. Several factors affect postage rates for different types of mail, including weight, automation qualification, and postal processing. Below are the main changes to USPS postage rates for direct mail. These changes affect letter-size mail, flats, and presorted First-Class Mail.


When creating your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand how much printing costs will affect your marketing budget. Postage costs vary widely, and printing costs are usually based on the size and type of paper used. Other factors can also affect the price, including the number of elements on each side, ink density, and coating and finishing. Depending on your mailing list, you may even be able to save money by sourcing bulk mail from a printing service.


If you plan to send direct mail pieces, shipping costs will be a significant part of your budget. The amount you pay for postage largely depends on the size of your mailing and the carrier you use. There are also factors like weight, speed, and destination. USPS has competitive rates for domestic deliveries, and FedEx offers faster shipping options. You can also choose a combination of carriers based on your needs and budget. However, keep in mind that you can still save money by using bulk marketing mailers.


Several components make up a direct mail campaign. Whether you choose to mail postcards, catalogs, or both, there are a few different elements to consider. You will need to pay for copywriting services, mailing lists, and design. The more targeted your mailing list is, the more expensive it will be to mail a single piece. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the cost of direct mail while maximizing its impact.


Repeating your marketing messages over again can be very effective. Repeated mailers can remind customers about sales and events that interest them. Repeated messages also reinforce your brand’s readiness to meet the needs of your customers. By considering how often you send mailers, you can change your marketing strategy and improve its success. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of repetition in direct mail marketing. Listed below are some of its most important benefits.