How Much Does a Bubble Mailer Weigh? 

Whether you’re looking to ship a book or DVD, a bubble mailer is a great alternative to boxes. These envelopes are lightweight and compact. They have a pocket inside to place your item, but they also provide a cushioned surface that protects your valuables during shipping. 

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Bubble mailers are available in many different sizes. They can range from a small 8.5 x 11.5-inch envelope to a 6 x 9-inch envelope. They are made of polyethylene and are water-resistant. Bubble mailers are also available in several colors. Most commonly, bubble mailers have a thin layer of bubble wrap on the inside of the envelope, but some have polyurethane bubbles built in to protect the contents during long-distance travel. 

Bubble mailers can be used to send books, CD jewel cases, DVDs, and videotapes. They are a good option for light objects, and they are less expensive than padded mailers. However, they can weigh more than heavier envelopes. This is because there is more paper material and it requires more transportation. There are also more environmentally friendly padded mailers, which are made from recycled paper. However, they do have a higher carbon footprint. 

Bubble mailers are ideal for shipping CD jewel cases, DVDs, and video cassettes because they provide extra protection. However, they aren’t as flex-resistant as padded mailers. If you’re shipping something a bit fragile, it’s best to use a box. You can find padded mailers online, and you can also buy them at your local post office. 

The USPS offers bubble envelopes in packs of 10 and 15. These are sold in both packs and singles. They are available for purchase online, in your local post office, or at other shipping supplies locations. They are also free during mail delivery. If you’re shipping a package that weighs more than 13 ounces, you’ll need to use the USPS Priority Mail service. For packages that weigh less than 13 ounces, you can use USPS First Class, which costs $3.74. For packages that weigh less than 70 pounds, you can also use USPS Retail Ground or Media Mail. 

A DVD or CD case can weigh 7-8 ounces. You can also find slim cases, which are a bit lighter. A full-size jewel case will also weigh less than a slim jewel case. However, slim jewel cases do not allow you to add the artwork to the inside of the case. It’s best to mail jewel cases in full-size bubble mailers. 

Bubble mailers are available in several different brands. For example, the Luxury Bubble Mailer is a lightweight and moisture-resistant envelope that comes in six x ten-inch size. The Quality Park Bubble Mailer weighs slightly less than the Luxury but has a thicker, plastic exterior. The up & up(TM) Bubble Mailer is also lightweight and is lined with bubble cushioning. It is also puncture-resistant. 

You can also find recycled bubble mailers on the market. They have a tear strip, and they are reusable. These are good choices for environmentally conscious e-commerce companies.