How Much Does Mailing a Letter Cost? 

How much does mailing a letter cost? First-class mail costs $0.58 per letter, and envelopes cost $0.50. You can also mail a letter to an address overseas. That’s well under a dollar if you don’t send the letter on a holiday! But before you send your next letter, you should first know how much it will cost you to insert and mail an envelope. Then, figure out what type of envelope you want to use.


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Postage rates 

When mailing a letter, you need to pay attention to the postage rates. Letter rates apply to normal business envelopes or standard manila envelopes. Anything larger than this is considered a large envelope. Anything smaller than this, however, is a package. Postage rates for mailing a letter are also calculated on the size of the envelope. If you have an oversized letter, make sure you use the correct postage rate. 

Types of mail 

First Class mail costs less than the cost of a regular postage stamp. It includes letters, small packages, and postcards. The only requirement is that the letter weighs less than 13 ounces. If the letter is heavier than this weight, it will be sent as Priority Mail. Both First Class and Priority mail offer different options for mail forwarding and returns. You should decide what kind of mail is best for your letter. 

Inserting costs 

Many factors affect the price of mailing a letter. The number of inserts, the size of the letter, and the number of layers of folding are all factors in the price. Additional expenses can be added for tracking and insurance. If your letter is personalized, offset printing can save you money. If you do not plan to mail your letter yourself, you can find a mailing service that can do it for you. 

Window envelopes 

Using window envelopes for a letter is the most efficient way to send the letter because it does not need to be opened, which saves on the overall cost of mailing a letter. The USPS provides window envelopes for free with every Certified Mail letter, saving between 15C and 20C. When using a window envelope, you can save even more since the USPS automatically refunds the amount you spent on the letter.