How Much Are Direct Mail Companies Charged For Stamps? 

When it comes to printing and mailing direct mail, one question you should ask yourself is, “How much is direct mail companies charged for stamps?” The answer will vary greatly depending on your company’s mailing needs, but there are ways to minimize costs. You can lower the cost of printing and mailing by using freelancers, and determining whether to hire employees or outsource the work to a direct mail company. Another way to save money is to send more mail without having to pay more for each mailing.

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Cost of mailing lists 

The cost of mailing lists can vary significantly. You want to get the most value for your money, so you shop around to find the cheapest option. But don’t go with the cheapest option without examining the quality of the list. If half of the emails are bounced, that’s a problem. Also, make sure to look into the method used by the broker to collect the data. If they use questionable methods, they could get you in trouble by labeling you a spammer. 

The cost of mailing lists will depend on the quality of the data and how many names you want. For example, a list for targeted marketing will cost significantly more than one for saturation mailings. Similarly, a list segmented by psychographic data or geography will be more expensive than a list segmented by demographics. Additionally, some list providers may require a minimum number of names before you can get them. 

Cost of printing and shipping 

Direct mail companies charge for printing and shipping services based on several factors. The size of the piece, paper stock, ink, number of sides, color density, coating, finishing, and binding all have a role to play in the cost. Larger and heavier mail pieces will cost more to print and ship than smaller ones. 

Postcards cost around $100 each, including the cost of copywriting. A mailing list of 1000 addresses costs about $300. This includes the cost of printing and shipping 1000 postcards. Then, you must pay for postage, which begins at $0.35 per postcard. It’s also wise to consider if the copy is written by in-house staff or outsourced. Good copy should persuade readers to take action. 

The cost of direct mail pieces varies widely, depending on the mailing list and mailing volume. First-class mail offers priority processing and fast delivery, but it’s not cheap. Postage charges are dependent on the size and weight of the piece and the speed at which the item is delivered. Direct mail companies should consult their mailing list before deciding on a postal service and printing process. 

Cost of designing 

Postage for direct mail pieces is an important factor in determining the overall cost of the campaign. A single-sided postcard is much less expensive than a multiple-page letter. While many marketers try to minimize costs by avoiding large formats, larger ones tend to provide a higher return on investment (ROI). Selecting the appropriate format should depend on the message you want to convey. Simple messages can be delivered with small-format cards, while more complex ideas need more space. 

Costs of designing direct mail pieces range from $10 to $1,000 per piece, depending on the complexity of the design. You should ask about design costs before hiring a design firm. Some designers charge $150 to $2,000 per piece, and you should keep in mind that this figure does not include logo design or custom illustration work. Many websites also offer free or low-cost templates for direct mail. The average cost for a template is $10.