How I Know My Direct Mail Is Being Delivered

If you run a direct mail business, you should know how to track your mail. You can get the exact date when your mail was delivered, and you can check its condition to find out if there were any problems with the handling or sorting machines. Tracking small mailings is also an option. But for larger mailings, it’s essential that you use a more sophisticated tracking system. Here are four ways to track your mail online.

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Track My Mail

One of the most important aspects of a successful direct mail campaign is knowing how much mail has been delivered. Not only is it crucial to know when your pieces will reach their recipients, but it is also useful to know if there is any damage due to sorting machines and handling. There are several ways to track mail delivery, and this tool can help you save money on postage costs by
providing the exact delivery date. By using a direct mail tracking service, mailers can learn where their pieces are in the mail delivery process. They can even track the location of individual pieces or entire campaigns. Using a tracking service, they can also view how many pieces of mail were delivered to different addresses, including those in rural areas. They can also see who didn’t receive their mail, which can help them plan future activities and increase their customer base. This tool can help them launch digital campaigns, as well as follow up with recipients.

Post Grid

If your direct mail pieces are not being delivered, then you may be wondering how to determine which ones are. With Post Grid, you can easily check the status of each piece using Post Grid’s advanced address verification. The software uses Suite Link to validate addresses and even verify apartment and floor numbers. It also helps you determine whether your mail pieces are going to a residential or business address, ensuring that your mailings reach the right people. It also provides you with authenticated analytics for each direct mail piece you send. With Post Grid’s address verification software, businesses can easily validate addresses using the latest CASS-certified USPS data. The software works by marking addresses with a unique DPV code. Post Grid’s solution also checks whether an address has been changed or if it’s valid for the recipient. It uses address-verification methods that consider all available data points and validates addresses.

USPS Informed Delivery

Using the USPS’s Informed Visibility tool, you can see the progress of your direct mail as it goes through the delivery cycle. The tool is free for customers with a P.O. Box. The USPS scans mailers and enters their data into the tracking system. Through the Informed Visibility tool, you can track the progress of your mail piece through its delivery cycle. Another service that USPS offers is called Informed Delivery. It allows residential consumers to preview their incoming mail and manage packages, making the delivery process even easier and more convenient. With this service, you can even view the mail on the road or when traveling. This service is free and works on a household level, allowing multiple residents to be enrolled. Early adopters have given it rave reviews, with ninety-one percent indicating that they are satisfied with the service and 96% checking it daily.

US Monitor

If you send out direct mail to your customers, you probably want to know when your mailed pieces are being received by them. This will allow you to adjust your drop dates if necessary, and you’ll have an idea of how long the mail will take to reach each recipient. You’ll also be able to compare postage rates and other options to save money. You can track your direct mail by using a service such as US Monitor. It’s free to use, and it gives you information about the condition of your mailings at every step of the process. Once you’ve created your campaign, you’ll be able to track whether or not it’s being received by your customers. Most providers have free plans, but some do require a subscription. You can try Postalytics for free, and then purchase additional reports as necessary. The good thing about Postalytics is that you can change your offer at any time. You can also monitor the effectiveness of a particular offer.