How Effective Outsource Direct Mail Is For Your Business

You’ve probably asked yourself how effective outsourcing direct mail is for your business. After all, you don’t want to be bogged down with all of the hassles that come with printing and addressing your personalized mail. Instead, outsourcing print and mail services are equipped with advanced automation capabilities and you don’t have to worry about employee payroll. These advantages may be more than worth the added expense. Read on to find out why outsourcing is a smart choice.

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Cost of direct mail marketing in-house

There are two primary reasons to bring direct mail marketing in-house. First, there is a relatively small upfront cost. But after this, multiple campaigns can cost upwards of $22,000 over a year. And there are other, hidden costs. In addition to these upfront costs, direct mail services require a fee to continue working. As with landlords, this fee is typically paid for redesigns, reprints, and resupplies.
Another major benefit of in-house direct mail marketing is its cost efficiency. Direct mail can cost approximately twice as much as email marketing campaigns. And while email campaigns can cost less, only 20-30% of them are read by customers. Therefore, it is important to calculate the cost of direct mail marketing per channel. And since direct mail is an important part of any omnichannel marketing campaign, it is best to calculate your investment in each channel separately.

Cost of outsourcing direct mail

Among the cost factors to consider when outsourcing direct mail campaigns is the design of the mail piece. This element plays a major role in capturing leads and engaging customers. You may have the talent and resources to write persuasive copy in-house, but if you do not have the time to hire a professional copywriter, you can save money by writing your copy. Outsourcing the design of the mail piece also involves higher costs, but you can get a free template or use a professional agency.
Direct mail requires mailing lists. You must first determine your target audience before you purchase mailing lists. Some marketers choose to purchase mailing lists of car owners, homeowners, vegans, and those aged 25 to 55 years. Different types of businesses have different mailing lists, so your choice of mailing list will depend on the type of business you are running. The cost to purchase or rent a mailing list starts at $0.03 per record and can run as high as $30 per thousand.

Time-saving benefits of outsourcing direct mail

Outsourcing your direct mail campaign can save you a lot of time. The process of designing, printing, and mailing your campaign can take days, even weeks. Outsourcing these processes to a mailing house can also save you money. These companies handle thousands of direct mail pieces each month and can help you save money and time. Additionally, they meet regulatory compliance standards and can take care of all the postage and shipping. Many companies opt not to outsource due to concerns about data security or quality.
Outsourcing direct mail is an excellent option for any company looking to improve its efficiency and productivity. You can focus on more important tasks while your staff is putting together the direct mail campaign. Outsourcing your direct mail allows you to access industry experts who can help you choose the right campaign and maximize its return on investment. Time is money, and this is especially true when you’re busy running a business. Outsourcing your direct mail will also allow you to save money by eliminating the need to worry about the quality of your data.

Legal and regulatory compliance requirements for outsourcing direct mail

Outsourcing direct mail has many benefits. Not only can you save money, but the services provided by a mailing house are more likely to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements. These companies know all the rules and regulations related to direct mail, and will automatically ensure compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) when processing personal data. The DMA code of conduct also adds value to customers, and most mailing houses follow the regulations. Ultimately, these advantages outweigh any disadvantages of in-house mailing.
First of all, direct mail marketing is highly personalized. It is proven to be effective, but it also requires you to follow the latest privacy laws and data security measures. In the US, there is no specific law prohibiting the use of direct mail, but following data security and privacy laws is essential to avoid spam or other legal issues. Luckily, these requirements aren’t hard to meet. They’re so important that the federal trade commission has even established a privacy code that requires all direct mail companies to abide by.