How Do I Return Wrong Mail? 

If you have accidentally received a package at the wrong address, you have a few options to return the package. You can either write down the wrong address on the back of the package or use a pencil and marker to mark the address. You can also use a collection box to return a package.

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Using a pencil to return a wrong mail 

Using a pencil to write a return address is the easiest way to return a package if you are sent the wrong mail. This writing tool doesn’t bleed through the paper and can’t be seen inside the envelope. The only drawback is that pencils can poke holes in the envelopes, which could lead to a tampering charge. To avoid this issue, you should take care to handle the package with care. 

Using a pen or marker to return a wrong mail 

Writing “Return to sender” in the mail is a simple way to return a letter that’s been sent to the wrong person. It’s written in the upper left-hand corner of the letter. It’s best to write the phrase on the mail with a sticky note to avoid bleeding ink through the envelope. The message should inform the post office clerk that this letter is not for the intended recipient and must be returned. 

Using a collection box to return a wrong mail 

If you have received mail addressed to a different address, you may want to return it to the sender. You have many options for returning such mail, but you should always put “Not at this address” on the envelope. Many people make the mistake of writing “Return to Sender” on these mail pieces, so be sure to use the correct wording. 

The postal service delivers millions of pieces of mail every single day, and it is not uncommon for mail to be delivered to the wrong address. In this situation, you can refuse the mail item or simply drop it in the collection box, which will be collected by the post office. In either case, you don’t have to pay for a new postage stamp. 

Using a collection box to return a package 

If you’re considering using a collection box to return a package, it’s worth knowing that there are certain restrictions. These include the weight of the package and its size. Packages that are too large to be placed in a collection box will be rejected. The best practice is to send small packages using other means. For example, if you want to return a Stitch Fix box, you should mail it through the post office instead. 

When shipping packages, you should always check the date and time of pickup. Some companies will collect packages on different days of the week, so make sure you know ahead of time. In addition, you should keep in mind that different schedules may be impacted by holidays. The best way to check the pickup times for your package is to check the label on your package. It will show you when the pickup time is and where you can find it.