How Do I Change My Mailing Address When I Move? 

When moving, there are many different things to do to ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible. You will need to make sure that your home is ready, your appliances are working properly and that you have the necessary documents to move out of your current home. You will also need to change your address so that all of the mail you receive continues to arrive at your new home. 

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How Do I Change My Mailing Address When I Move?

One of the first steps you should take when you are changing your address is to change your mailing address with the United States Postal Service. The USPS makes it easy to do this online and at your local post office. 

To change your address with USPS, you will need to fill out a Change of Address form. This is a free service and takes about a week to process. 

Once you have submitted your address change with USPS, there are several other companies that will need to know your new address. This includes your bank, credit card companies, subscription services, insurance providers, and utility companies. 

Not updating your address with these companies can result in a number of problems, including a late payment on your bill or even having a missed bill sent to you. It’s important to be proactive in ensuring your address is updated with these companies so that you can avoid any issues when you get into your new home. 

You should change your mailing address with the Postal Service at least two weeks before you move. This will give the USPS enough time to update your address with the various companies and send your mail to your new home. 

While this might seem like a small step, it is an important one that you should not miss out on. After all, without your mail arriving at your new address, you will not have any way of tracking your bills or getting important information about your new home. 

It is also important to notify all of your friends and family members about your address change. This is a great way to make them aware of your change and help them remember to bring your mail with them when they visit your new home. 

Another thing to remember is to update your address with your local government agencies as well. This can include your state’s Department of motor vehicles, voter registration and more. 

The postal service will also forward your periodicals and magazines to your new address for 60 days at no charge. This is a great way to keep your reading material on hand as you settle into your new home. 

A note of caution, though: This is only a temporary change of address. If you are moving permanently or want to continue receiving your magazines, newspapers and other mail after you move, you will need to complete a permanent Change of Address form.