How Direct Mail Is Effective?

Listed below are some general guidelines on how direct mail works. Among other things, it requires careful targeting to reach the right audience. To make direct mail work, find the decision maker within a business to ensure that you’re reaching the right audience. Next, develop a compelling offer to compel your ideal client to act. Direct mail doesn’t have to be pushy or salesy – it’s simply meant to motivate action.

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While traditional print marketing isn’t as effective as online advertising, direct mail postcards still have a place in the marketing mix. For one thing, postcards are delivered with the address on top, so the postman will be able to see them. But the back of the postcard is where your message is likely to get the most attention. This side of the postcard is also the first side your prospects will see. So, make sure that your message is compelling and stands out among the other postcards your prospects receive.


The use of self-mailers complements the physical nature of direct mail by staying in the recipient’s home for a longer period. They can also include a perforated coupon, such as a 15% discount code for a restaurant. The success of your campaign depends on the number of coupons redeemed. The following are some of the most common uses of self-mailers in marketing.

Dimensional mailers

Although dimensional mailers are one of the most expensive forms of direct-mail marketing, they’re also a highly effective method of advertising. The key to successful dimensional mail campaigns is to target your core fan base or leads, and include creative marketing content that catches the eye. These mailings can put your brand on par with your competitors, especially if combined with other forms of media.

Lead letters

Traditionally, lead letters from direct mail are used to reach potential customers. They can be handwritten or personalized. Typically, these letters highlight a problem that potential clients may not be aware of, educate them about the solution, and make a compelling offer. They should never be sent just once, as they work best when they are sent in a series of letters, at regular intervals. Listed below are some ways to use lead letters in direct mail.

Unique offer

The unique offer in a direct mail piece is the deal that is presented to the recipient. Most people know that a 20% discount on custom framing is an excellent offer. However, if your offer is not as exciting as the company wants it to be, you might not get a response from the recipient. A simple “buy now” offer is also an effective option. The transaction is complete when money changes hands. But how do you get the attention of the recipient?