How Can I Make Sure That the Mail Was Received by the Receiver? 

There are ways to verify whether your email was received by the receiver. You can use read receipts or even an image embedded in your HTML message to see if the recipient opened it. However, none of these methods is completely fail-safe. To be sure of the delivery status of your email, you should consider the services of tracking service.

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Outlook delivery receipt doesn’t tell you whether the email has been read 

If you’ve ever sent an email, you’ve probably noticed that the delivery receipt won’t tell you whether the recipient has read it. Outlook does have a way of tracking this information, however. It offers a checkbox to enable “read receipts” for outgoing emails, and you can even tell Outlook to automatically send read receipts if you want to. 

Outlook also has an option for users to disable read receipt requests. You can do this in the Options section of the left sidebar. This option allows you to see when an email has been opened and when it was last opened. When you disable it, the read receipt will stop appearing automatically. 

Using read receipts 

Email read receipts are an easy way to ensure that an email was received by the receiver, and they are sent to all addresses within an organization as well as to external addresses. Most email platforms allow you to request a return or read a receipt and some even allow you to receive one for every email. These features are useful for businesses and individuals who want to ensure that an email was received by the recipient. 

However, read receipts are not a guarantee that your email was opened by the receiver. This is because the recipient might have already deleted the email before it was opened, or someone else could have read it. As such, this method of confirming receipts is only suitable for urgent emails. In such cases, you should use your email message to request confirmation. 

Using an image in an HTML email to see if your message has been opened 

When sending an HTML email, one way to tell if your message has been opened is to embed a tracking image into the email. This can be a more reliable way to see if your message has been opened than relying on the read receipts provided by your ESP. For example, an image embedded in an email can reference an image hosted on a remote server and load it whenever the email client opens it. 

When using an image in your HTML email, make sure that it is the right size. This way, if the message is unopened, the image will be replaced by an empty white rectangle. This will maintain the layout of your email. 

Using a tracking service 

If you are worried that your mail isn’t being received by the intended recipient, using a tracking service can help you get peace of mind. A good email tracking service can send you notifications whenever your message is opened, read, or deleted. The notifications will also include the IP address and geographic location of the recipient. You can use this service for free or for a small donation to increase your monthly limit. 

Tracking services are not always accurate, however. They cannot guarantee that your mail was opened and read by the intended recipient. Using a tracking service to make sure your mail was received by the intended receiver is recommended when sending important documents. These services provide tracking information on the item for up to two weeks after it was sent.