How Big Should a Direct Mail Be?

One of the most common questions you might ask in a marketing campaign is how big should direct mail be? The following article aims to answer that question, as well as help you determine the best size for your direct mail campaign. Direct mail postcards are larger than normal postcards and offer greater flexibility and scope for creativity. You can also send them as letters as the USPS does not consider their postcards. Here are a few suggestions for the right size.

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4″ x 6″

The USPS does not have an official postcard size, but they do allow you to choose your own. The advantage of choosing a postcard size is that it can stand out in the mailbox and drive response. Whether you are mailing to residential customers or businesses, postcards of this size can make a huge impact. Using a jumbo envelope can also drive response. Just be aware that these postcards need to be mailed at letter rates.

6″ x 11″

Despite its size, the USPS does not recommend that direct mail be any smaller than six inches by eleven inches. This size gives you more flexibility and more space for creative expression. Compared to the usual postcard size, it also has better visibility and can be sent as a letter, without any penalties. In addition, this site is not considered a postcard by USPS. This is a good thing for you if you want to maximize your direct mail campaign.


If you want to make an impact with your advertising efforts, consider using jumbo direct mailers. These mailers are perfect for a single message with supporting graphics. These types of mailers are also cost-effective, as they can be created in either a vertical or horizontal format. They can be used for everything from a newsletter to a longer message without needing to be confidential. Unlike other types of mailers, postcards can be personalized with virtually endless branding and messaging.


One of the most economical direct mail options is postcards. A postcard can be very effective in getting your message across without costing you a fortune. Listed below are the dimensions of a postcard, as well as the postage guidelines. The standard postcard size is 4 1/8 inches in height and 9 1/2 inches wide. A letter-sized mail piece may have rounded corners but may have finished edges of up to 1/8 inch radius.

6″ x 9″

Direct mail postcards are common, as they offer flexibility, great visibility, and plenty of space for creativity. These postcards are larger than regular postcards, so they get higher visibility and are often sent as letters. They do not need to be addressed as postcards, but the USPS requires them to be 6″ x 9″.