In many ways, Towne Mailer Remote Print Manager Robert Drake is the man behind the curtain. When you upload your data to our servers, call to check in on one of your jobs, or make a special request regarding your latest print run, it’s likely that Robert has a hand in making sure that our clients get exactly what they need when they open their mailbox.

Robert joined the Towne Mailer team 14 years ago, when owner Michael Stronberg needed someone with tech experience to help him with a new computer system. Many years later, the computer system has changed, but Robert remains as one of the company’s most knowledgeable and enthusiastic team members.

“Although many people in my generation switch jobs every three or four years, I really like dealing with data, printers and clients,” Robert said. “We are a small team that really works as a family.”

As a remote print manager, Robert says that his main responsibility and those of my staff to make sure that each client gets exactly what they want and when they want it. During any given day at work, he and his staff might:

  • Run print jobs.
  • Work on graphic design.
  • Maintain the servers.
  • Take phone calls.
  • Check print runs for quality and accuracy.
  • Make changes to existing print runs.
  • Set up new client jobs.

“I make sure that everything works and that everything looks right,” he said. “I am in the back turning the knobs and all of that good stuff.”

Robert has always had a love of computers and technology – even before the existence of Windows. However, he has also always loved the outdoors. He grew up in Reno, Nevada, but as an adult made the conscious decision to move somewhere with distinct seasons and somewhere where he could “be in nature and get away from the stresses of life within ten minutes.” He found that place in Montana, where he now lives minutes from a trail head and often takes his dog, “Nut”, hiking and exploring.

What do you love about your job? “This job is the perfect fit for me. It’s interesting, diverse, and I get to interact with clients. It’s a mix of everything. There’s paper, computers, servers, and printers, but there’s a human side as well.”

What do you love about Towne Mailer? “We can work with almost any type of data that the client software can create. Most people don’t know what a high-tech company we are and most people don’t realize that they’re talking to someone in Montana. I’ve worked in the corporate environment before, and at Towne Mailer, it’s nice to look over at the next office and see the owner of the company working right beside you.”

Have a Question? Robert Can Help.

Robert is just one of the team members at Towne Mailer that make us such a special place. To learn more about how we can help you with your statement and invoice printing and mailing, please contacting us today: (877) 882-6245.