One thing Towne Mailer is most proud of is our employee retention–and inserter operator Nikki Seward is a shining example of how and why our business makes strong connections with our clients.

Nikki grew up in Minnesota. Sixteen years ago, Nikki visited a college roommate in Montana and instantly fell in love with the area. She went home, packed her bags, and moved to Missoula, in awe of the landscape, the weather, and the opportunities for outdoor recreation. About a year after she arrived, she started temping at Towne Mailer and was then offered a full-time position. She’s been busy at work ever since.

Seward spends most of her day operating and maintaining Towne Mailer’s two inserter machines, which folds, and inserts bills, statements, and invoices into envelopes together with reply envelopes and marketing inserts. She finishes out her duties by metering mail for our local daily First Class mail clients. Each day she processes thousands of pieces of mail, ensuring that our clients get all of their letters, invoices and statements in the mail as quickly and as accurately as can be.

Outside of work, Nikki enjoys spending time with her husband, her 5-year-old son, her 3-year-old daughter, and the family dog. While most of their time is currently spent raising their young family, Nikki loves to get outdoors when she can to raft, play soccer, hike, snowboard, or ski.

What do you love about your job? I love that it’s different every day. I don’t have to sit at a desk –I get fidgety sitting in front of computers. I like fast-paced work, since it makes the day go by. I also love the small company and how it’s like a little family for me.

What do you love about Towne Mailer? I love that we do really good work and consistently meet our deadlines. I love that we do our best work every day.

Do You Want Nikki On Your Team?

Nikki Seward is an absolutely vital member of the Towne Mailer team, and she makes certain every day that we help our clients get their letters, invoices and statements printed, processed, and mailed both quickly and accurately. When you choose Towne Mailer to help your business with mail processing, you are choosing Nikki and the rest of the customer service-oriented staff.

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