One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your printing and mailing needs when it comes to statements and invoices is that it is easy to add extras to each of your customer’s envelopes. At Towne Mailer, we have to experience, speed, technology, and know-how to add more information to your statements and invoices, and at a cost that works for your budget.

What kinds of features can you add to your letters?

  • Newsletters. Some of our clients love to add a monthly or quarterly newsletter to their invoices and statements, both to build their brand and to keep their customers updated on company news.
  • Messages and reminders. We can also help you print special messages on your invoices and statements that can save you on extra stamps and mailings. The messages can even be general or selective. Wish your customers happy holidays, or let them know that your offices will be moving during, all simply by letting us know what information needs to be communicated.
  • Coupons and advertisements. You can make money by inserting coupons from other businesses into your invoices and statements – and your customers appreciate them, too. You can also insert your own offers.
  • Flyers. Have a big announcement that you don’t want any of your customers to miss, like a new store opening, or a merger? We can add a flyer to your bills and statements that is informative and eye-catching.

These inserts can take whatever form that you’d like them to: they can be glossy and colorful, or as simple as your invoices. They can also be added only to targeted customers, such as customers that live in certain areas.

How Does Adding An Insert Work?

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It couldn’t be simpler. Call up our team and let them know what you’d like to add, from a simple message on the invoice to a color newsletter to be included with the invoice or statement. We will work with you to get the information correct – and if needed, you will upload your insert design to our secure server. We’ll let you know if there’s an extra cost associated with your addition, and we’ll get started.

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