Is Outsourcing Direct Mail Worth It? 

Outsourcing your direct mail campaigns may seem like an overly-complicated process, but it’s a very useful way to save money. Outsourcing your direct mail campaigns will reduce your cost per lead and ensure a higher response rate. It is also important to know which types of mail are most likely to be opened and responded to by consumers. Some of the best types of direct mail are transactional, targeted, and postcards.

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Postcards get the highest response rate 

Postcards are an excellent choice for your direct mail marketing campaign because of their high response rates. Consumers read and respond to mail, and a recent study showed that 25% of consumers bought something from a direct mail marketing campaign. Compared to online and social media marketing, postcards generate better response rates. 59% of consumers say they like to receive postcards with offers about new products. 

Transactional direct mail has a 90% open rate 

While email marketing may have a lower open rate, direct mail has a much higher one. A typical piece of direct mail received by an American household is opened nine out of ten times. Adding a name to a direct mail piece can increase the response rate by 135%. According to Inkit, a majority of consumers are likely to read a direct mail piece if they are interested in the product. An email has a twenty to forty percent open rate. 

Targeted direct mail can help convert leads 

The power of targeting is evident in the data generated from direct mail. Using data to determine who to target and how to communicate effectively with them can be extremely effective. Studies show that exposure to direct mail increases brand recall by as much as 70%. It is important to consider the frequency of direct mail to determine how many touches your prospects should receive before they decide to convert. Targeted direct mail campaigns combine follow-up emails and pURLs to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right times. 

Importance of data-driven expertise 

Outsourcing direct mail has many benefits, and choosing the right partner is essential. Outsourcing direct mail service providers who have data-driven expertise is essential if you want your marketing campaigns to be successful. Direct mail providers with this level of expertise follow meticulously orchestrated processing procedures and have checks and balances in place to ensure accuracy and data quality. If you choose the right provider, you will have a reliable marketing partner for life. 

Inventory management 

In an era where businesses are increasingly dependent on technology, inventory management is vital. Outsourcing your direct mail to a third party is one way to get inventory management done in a timely fashion. Direct mail automation platforms can reduce the need for manual inventory management, freeing up valuable resources and time. Using these platforms can help you avoid common mistakes that can cause costly inventory problems. Listed below are some tips for successful inventory management when outsourcing direct mail.