How to Write a Return Address When Mailing a Letter? 

A return address is a place where you can write the name of the person to who you are sending a letter. It can be the recipient’s mailing address or the P.O. box address, depending on the situation. The address is also used to help the Post Office know where to send mail that may be undeliverable. This is a good way to ensure that the person you are sending a letter to gets it. If you have an incorrectly addressed piece of mail, the post office will return it to you. 

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When you write a return address, it is important that you use large capital letters, which are easy to read. In addition, you want to write the entire address on the front of the envelope. You should use a clear pen and leave a generous margin around the address. Writing it in cursive can be confusing to the postal worker. 

Make sure you include all the correct information, including the ZIP code. If you are sending an international letter, you should use the destination country’s standard format. Using the wrong format can cause delays in the process. Also, remember that the return address should not be placed on the back of the envelope, but instead in the upper left corner. If the envelope is larger than one ounce, you should also put a stamp or postage on the front. 

Aside from the return address, you will need to provide the street address and the city or state. Depending on the country, you might be required to use a ZIP+4 code or a military address. If you are a married couple, you should put your husband’s full name in the address. 

The next step is to write the name of the person in the center of the envelope. Once the name has been written, you can start writing the city and state. For a secondary address, you can include the name of the recipient’s business. Include the ZIP code and the “c/o” designation before the name of the business. 

Finally, you will want to add a note in the envelope that states what you will be sending. Some postal offices will require you to attach a return label to the outside of the envelope. If you do not have a return label, you can place a sticky note on the envelope and write your return address on it. Adding a note can also help to prevent confusion. 

Aside from the return address, the mail carrier will also want to know where to send your envelope. They will check to see if the letter has a return label and they will pick it up if the label is in place. However, if the mail carrier is unable to find the return label, they will return the letter to you. 

If you are unsure of what to put in a return address, you can take a look at USPS’s “A Customer’s Guide to Mailing” to get a better idea of what to include in your address.