Can You Insure Gift Cards When Mailing Them Via Towne Mailer? 

If you have a gift card that is lost, stolen, or damaged, the best way to ensure that it arrives in good condition is to insure it. Unfortunately, Towne Mailer does not provide insurance for gift cards. However, it does provide free tracking and up to $50 in insurance. You can also consider mailing the gift card via priority mail.

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Towne Mailer does not offer insurance for gift cards 

If you’re mailing gifts, you may want to consider gift cards as an option. Gift cards are an affordable way to send a gift without spending a lot of time or money on packaging and postage. They can be sent in a simple envelope and can be easily tracked. Plus, there’s no need to worry about duplicates! 

To mail gift cards, use Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes, which include a slot for the card. This way, the card stays safe. You can also use padded or cardboard envelopes for extra protection. You can also include a return address to ensure that the gift card gets to its destination. 

Nationally branded gift cards charge a fee for insurance 

If you send gift cards by mail, be sure to use a priority mail flat-rate envelope that includes tracking and insurance. This way, you can be sure that your recipient will receive them safely. While mailing a gift card is not as secure as mailing cash, it is still safer than losing it.