Should I Staple Papers When Mailing a Letter? 

You might be wondering if you should staple your papers or if it is advisable to opt for paper clips. While it is true that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it is possible to staple your papers and checks without hurting your budget or making your job easier. Stapling your documents and checks can help you get your paperwork to the post office on time and in the correct order. If you’re unable to find an affordable manual stapler, you may also want to consider using an industrial stapler, which can fasten up to 200 pages at a time. If you’re going to use an industrial stapler, you’ll need to select the right types of staples. 

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There are no formal rules of thumb for stapling a business letter, but there are some basic guidelines that are likely to be applied. For example, a business letter should have a salutation, name, and address, as well as a date and name, and title of the person to whom the letter is being addressed. The letter’s shortest compass point should be a simple two-word salutation, such as “Dear Sir,” or “Dear Madam.” The first page should have a salutation and a business letterhead – or letterhead. You might also want to include a cover letter and resume. A letter’s shortest compass point is also likely to be your return address unless you are sending a dummy letter. If you have more than one page in a business letter, you should mention page numbers on each page, besides your salutation. 

You can also use a binder clip or hole punch to keep your documents in order. If you are sending something special, you might want to do your best to stick to the rules. This might mean using a small box rather than an envelope, as you are not permitted to send any non-letter items in a letter-style envelope. If you are sending a very important document, you might also want to keep it in a protective envelope, as this is likely to be more secure. 

The best way to determine whether you should staple your papers or not is to ask yourself a few questions. For example, do you have a reputable industrial stapler? If you don’t, you can still do the same thing by using a hole punch or string. If you have a decent-sized home or office, you may even be able to staple your documents, although you may want to consider using an electrical stapler as the stress of handling a manual stapler can be taxing on the wrists. If you’re in the market for new office equipment, you can check out the latest stapling devices. You might be surprised to find out how much more efficient the process can be. This is especially true if you are sending large volumes of paperwork.