A bill is not just a bill: it’s a direct communication with your client or customer. Every billing statement you send makes a statement, from how clear and well designed it is to what else is included along with the invoice, statement, or bill and the return envelope. As many of our clients have discovered, a billings statement is an opportunity to build a relationship with people, to improve your brand, and to market your business.

Here are five ways to get started:

  • Insert a newsletter. Since you are already spending money to mail each of your customers a letter, why not take advantage of the postage you’ve already paid for? By inserting a short, informative newsletter in with your statement, you can keep your customers aware of company news, make your business feel more personal, and strengthen your brand. You might be surprised how many people read the newsletter – and how it makes your customers feel closer to you (and feel better about doing business with you).
  • Insert a promotion or coupon. If you sell goods or services, you may wish to consider inserting a promotion in with your statement. After all, customers who are already doing business with you have a higher probability of using you for other business jobs or products. Alternatively, consider including a coupon that they can give to a friend, or a promotion that rewards them for referring you to others.
  • Add your logo. Adding your logo may seem simple or silly, but it actually makes a difference. We’ve found that a statement with a great-looking, well-placed logos are not only more effective, they also help build your brand, solidify your reputation, and make you more recognizable.
  • Mark it with your unique brand. Adding your logo isn’t the only way that you can add your brand to your statements. You way wish to add a tagline, write your statement using your brand’s voice, or include an insert that explains your company’s mission. Your statements are a communication from your company, and as such should include the unique marks of your business that make you special and separate you from the competition.
  • Make your customer service shine. Customer service is a vital marketing tool – and as you may know, a large number of customers pick up the phone or send an email after getting a bill they don’t understand or agree with. A great customer service operation should start on the statement itself: make sure your customer service contact information is very visible and welcoming.

Do you need help redesigning your billing statements, or making your statements do real work as marketing tools? We can help! Call us today at (877) 882-6245 to talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals about revamping your statements or adding marketing inserts. We do it all!