Although digital communication is a vital part of any business, print communication still remains just as important – if not more so – when it comes to ensuring timely communication in terms of invoices, statements, and more.

Businesses outsource their statement and invoice printing, direct mailings, and other print communication documents for speed, convenience, flexibility, and cost savings. The appropriate print and mail vendor will provide the correct combination of good quality, fast service, and reasonable pricing. With advanced technologies in automation now available, not only do you get the volume discounts in printing and supplies, you get the maximum postal discounts possible for your mailings. As a bonus, a quality print and mail service will offer barcode tracking and additional USPS postal services, such as address cleansing and verification. Your communication should get to your customers quickly, correctly, efficiently, and with the best delivery rates available.

The Importance of Print

Bills, statements and other transactional mailings are the lifeblood of your business, yet they can be extremely difficult to handle. Processing them yourself is time-consuming and could result in costly mistakes. A reputable Print and mail vendor will help, but you might be wondering if it is truly necessary for your business. The short answer is a resounding YES but more information shows that streamlining and securing your print-to-mail process will:

  • Save you money through a scalable and efficient process
  • Free your staff and resources so they (and you) can focus on your core business
  • Allow your data processing, printing, and mailing to be completed in one place – dramatically reducing the chance for errors and miscommunication
  • Customize your statement and document design
  • Enable you to upload your data in nearly any format
    And more!

Many printing and mailing services provide custom solutions for your individual situation.

To ensure success, firms like Towne Mailer, will complete an in-depth assessment outlining the unique needs and objectives of your company. Based on that assessment, our staff will design a solution that integrates seamlessly into your organization’s existing workflow. It can be, and often is, as simple as uploading your data to our servers once or more a month. We take it from there with no hassles, distractions, or disruptions.

Is Statement Outsourcing Right for You?

There are many benefits to outsourcing invoice and statement printing services. The opportunity for cost savings is the primary reason most companies decide to partner with statement processing companies. However, there are plenty of additional perks that go along with an improved bottom line: greater accuracy and quality, targeted customer engagement, more control over the details, the ability to expand without growing pains, and the freeing of internal time and resources that can be redirected to the things your business does best.

Benefits of Outsourced Printing Services For Your Business

Customer communications, such as statement and invoice printing, is a proven business operation that is most successfully outsourced to qualified firms in order to save costs, time, and reduce risk. Check out even more benefits below:

Eliminate Equipment Costs – Your company can save a substantial amount of money by not having to invest in expensive, specialized printing and mailing equipment. Outsourcing to a statement and invoice processing company allows you to utilize advanced equipment for only the amount of time needed to complete your specific job or, better yet, to develop a lifelong relationship as you incorporate the benefit of a printing in mailing service into your business model.


Reduce Personnel – Sparing your business the expense of employees performing labor and time-demanding tasks outside their normal duties and keeps your personnel budget lean and efficient. Or, keep your labor expenses the same but redirect your employees to other tasks that help you acquire new customers, better service existing customers, or whatever else your business may need.

Greater Security and Risk Avoidance – When you outsource you shift liability to the vendor and they will have higher levels of data security and compliance already in place.

Better Quality – Not only will there be far fewer errors than an in-house process but the quality of your statements and invoices will also be better, further increasing the credibility of your brand.

Additional benefits to outsourcing your statement and invoicing to a professional printing and mailing service are the acceleration and enhancement of your receivables, a quicker turnaround, improvement in delivery accuracy, customized templates and messaging, reduction of phone inquiries, and so much more!

Examples of the Types of Documents to Outsource:

  • Statements of all sorts
  • Personalized Letters
  • Collection Letters
  • Tax notices and bills
  • Rental invoices
  • Utility Bills
  • Letters
  • Loans, Notices, and Tax Statements
  • And more…

When it comes to outsourcing your statements for your business, you are only limited by the scope of your operations and your imagination.

Best Reasons for Outsourced Printing and Mailing

In addition to minimizing capital investments, the avoidance of long-term lease commitments, the reduction of paper, postage and production costs, safety enhancements, and the improvements to your cash flow, outsourcing your statement printing means lower overall costs.

Businesses typically save up to 10-20% or more when they outsource the printing and mailing of their monthly statements. Those savings can be redirected to the core services that distinguish your business from competitors. Far too many business owners focus on client acquisition over client retention and generating top-notch communication in a timely manner can drastically improve your reputation as a customer-centric company.

Oversee Your Own Statement Printing and Mailing Process

You might be concerned that you will be losing your autonomy if you choose to outsource your statements to a printing and mailing service. If you choose the right firm, nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s normal for businesses to question the safety and quality of outsourcing transactional print and mail services and financial statements. No company wants to be the next data breach headline or put out subpar communication that does not reflect who you are as a business owner. Luckily, companies like Towne Mailer constantly invest in the latest technology and security measures, offering products and services that will exceed your expectations. Looking for statement processing services that are better in every way, from speed to design and security? Towne Mailer has got you covered!

Not All Printing and Mailing Services are Created Equal

Although many printing and mailing vendors provide adequate service, very few go above and beyond when it comes to truly meeting the needs of its partners. Towne Mailer is one such company. With our customers being our number one priority, we believe in communication, communication, and communication! Many “mistakes” are simply byproducts of a breakdown in the communication process and we take great pride in being a vendor that not only speaks your language but listens as well.

Here are some additional reasons that Towne Mailer stands above the competition:

Time Saver

By partnering with Towne Mailer, you can eliminate time spent on printing, folding, stuffing, addressing, and mailing your statements. You can put your staff to work on what they do best!

Faster Payments

Presorted mail gets delivered faster than any other postal method. And because we have the process down to a science, we can help improve your cash flow!

Presorted Mail

All mail goes out presorted first-class giving you the lowest rates possible. We offer steeply discounted postage rates and we don’t charge extra fees for postage like some other providers might.

Direct Mail Marketing

Although you are best served in customer communication with our statement printing capabilities, we offer an extra level of communication with existing and prospective customers through tasteful and targeted inserts that can be included with your invoices or statements or direct mail marketing.

Direct mail marketing is achieved by sending custom printed material to customers in your demographic area, helping them discover your company.

Whether you are a restaurant, medical specialist, realtor, or a shop, we have you covered. We will work closely with you until we have the right design. Then we will print it in high-quality color and mail them out at the lowest rates possible.

Why Towne Mailer?

There is no better choice than Towne Mailer to handle mailings printed and addressed to your specific standards. The use of innovative technology, attention to detail, and our unsurpassed level of customer communication have been a part of our business model since the beginning.

We take a personalized approach to every client and customize our statement and invoice printing services accordingly. Our extensive experience with a wide variety of data formats means we can usually offer the exact statement mailing services you’re looking for.

We understand the need for the simplification of processes without sacrificing the quality that got your business to where it is today. We simply want to show you how we can enhance particular aspects that will lead to greater customer interactions, all the while increasing you and your employees quality of life.

By working with us, you save time, money, and headaches knowing that your customers are being treated the way they deserve.

We encourage you to reach out today and find out how we can help improve your communications, customer service, and bottom line.

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