When you go out on a first date, or plan an evening with friends, usually one of your primary concerns is looking your best. You go to great lengths to groom yourself well, wear a new outfit, and arrive on time with a smile on your face or with flowers in hand. Making the best first impression can make or break a first date, job interview, or meeting an important client. Arriving late, looking disheveled, or being grumpy are sure-fire ways to turn-off your date, your friends, and your relatives alike. If your life is like a presentation, it is certainly the key to success in everything from personal to business relationships.

Your business is important to you. It’s your baby, your lifeblood, and your passion. Your livelihood relies on your presentations being the best they can be, whether your products, services, or communication with clients. Yet, trying to manage everything in-house can be a juggling act for even the most organized, well-established venture. From onboarding and training new employees, managing staff, to managing purchasing, dealing with vendors, and providing your clients with your products and services, your time is spread thinly to cover all your bases.

How can you be expected to grow your business, expand your operations, and develop visionary upgrades to your current business practices when you are bogged down with the minutia of trying to do everything in-house? What kind of time and money could you save by outsourcing some of your mundane tasks to like-minded professionals? And why wouldn’t you want your communications to look their best every time when trying to make the perfect impression on your clients? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself today. And we at Towne Mailer would like to answer them for you.

Stating Our Statement Case

Sending timely invoices and statements is one of the core practices of any business with clients. It establishes communication between you and your clients, updates them on their accounts, and generally is the main line of regular communication between you and your customers. Most businesses at least issue monthly statements to their clients. Whether containing financial updates, information about sales or specials, or just keeping clients abreast of policy changes and procedures, statements are a key to maintaining healthy business relationships.

It’s no wonder that good practices surrounding that key to business communication are considered to be so important to any business. A statement from your business is a significant presentation that indicates the strength, organization, and customer care your business holds as your standard for business practices. Just as a poor first impression can damage any relationship, poor statements can ruin your business.

When you try to handle your statement preparation and printing in-house, in addition to handling your inventory, your services, and your employees, something is going to suffer. It is likely that your presentation will be substandard or untimely. After all, what business can be an expert in everything?

How Can Outsourcing Save Time and Money?

So many businesses feel compelled to handle all their statement preparation, printing, and mailing in-house. If you have 500 statements to mail out every month, you may find yourself spending a full week preparing and mailing these important documents, which is a significant investment of employee hours. In addition, there is also the investment in all the tools and equipment needed to handle that statement preparation. Printers, paper, ink cartridges, envelopes, stamps or postage machines, and computer databases can become a regular expense, which adds up to real money every month. And if you are wishing to produce the highest quality of statements as expected by your customers, you must become experts in printing and mailing in order to fulfill the needs and expectations of even the most amenable client. Let’s face it. That results in a lot of unnecessary pressure on you and your staff.

moneyAdditionally, when you choose to handle all your statement preparation, printing and mailing in-house, your staff can get bogged down in so much mundane work that overall morale declines. It’s a proven fact that drudgery can damage staff motivation to the point that a high turnover of employees results. So in addition to the expense of a high number of employee hours spent, significant investment and maintenance of expensive equipment, and the purchasing and storing of a plethora of printing supplies, the high cost of onboarding and training new staff becomes a burden to any business. These quantifiable costs in time and money can truly make or break your business. All of these considerations are what have driven Towne Mailer to become the most excellent outsourcing solution for businesses around the country.

Towne Mailer’s State-Of-The-Art Statements

We have already discussed how your statements are a key to excellent presentations in your client relations. And since you are busy handling your products and services, there is a slim chance that you can provide excellence in printing and mailing such as a company like Towne Mailer. We at Towne Mailer specialize in the preparation, mailing, and printing of your statements with a high level of proficiency, so that you can be relieved of the burden of significant costs in time and money.

Because we spend all of our time making these processes for businesses easier, more efficient, and of the highest quality in both print and delivery, we excel in every aspect of the statement printing and mailing process. Our state-of-the-art system results in a timely, low cost, expert approach to statement preparation, printing, and mailing. We keep abreast of the newest software, newest trends in design, and the best printing technology in the field. So, we consider ourselves to be the leader in printing and mailing services worldwide.

Imagine handing over the process of statement printing and mailing to a third party expert. Each month, your staff is relieved of the drudgery of printing and mailing. Your office is free of the clutter of paper and printing inventory. Your bank account is no longer drained by the investment and upkeep of expensive printing machines. And your clients receive timely, excellently formatted and printed materials every time. For a small investment of hiring Towne Mailer as your printing and mailing company, instead of the significant investment of all the gear and time you spend now, your business will experience an increase in production, an increase in client trust in your organization, and an increase in your peace of mind.

Outsourcing your statement printing and mailing will simply make your business more successful. More and more businesses are choosing to outsource, and printing and mailing services are at the top of the list of services to outsource in modern business practices. We at Towne Mailer are so certain that you will experience directly all that we claim to solve, that we guarantee our services.

If you are not thrilled with our product from the high print quality, to the timeliness of the mailings, to the excellent customer service you will receive with us, you are under no obligation to print even the first test run. How can you possibly lose by giving Towne Mailer the opportunity to serve you and your clients with our state-of-the-art statement printing and mailing services?

Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer is a Missoula based professional printing and mailing service with over twenty years of experience in the business. When we began our journey as a printing and mailing company, we had only a handful of employees. Since then, we have expanded into a 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse with dozens of employees. We not only provide excellent printing locally; we also have clients and employees across the United States.

We at Towne Mailer understand how difficult your business can be to operate and staff. We know that it takes a leap of faith to follow through on outsourcing your statement printing and mailing with a third party company like Towne Mailer. That’s why we do not feel that you are our clients, rather that we are your partners in serving your clients with the most professional statement printing and mailing every time. When you partner with us, we can be considered a significant support to the excellence of your business. And that is a task we take quite seriously.

Get started today. It’s as easy as picking up the phone. One of our qualified staff members can assist you by answering your questions, and asking you some questions in return. Once you decide to give us a try, Towne Mailer will ask you to upload a test file of your statements and we will create and post samples for you to view and approve. Once approved, we guarantee a twenty-four-hour turnaround and your state-of-the-art statements are printed and mailed. There is no risk to you and you can decline our services at any time. Call us today for a free quote! Let us help you to make the best first impression every time. Become a Towne Mailer partner for your next presentation.

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