How to Bundle Letters for Direct Mail? 

If you want to increase the response rate of your direct mail letter, it is important to add a call to action. This can be in the form of an email address or a link. The point is to let readers know what they should do next to take advantage of the offer. It is important to repeat this call to action several times and include a sense of urgency.


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Less expensive than digital marketing 

Postcards, brochures, and direct mail ads are a great way to reach your target market at a low cost. You can do it yourself or hire a graphic designer. However, you should know that the cost of using First Class Mail or Standard Mail is higher than that of postcards. 


Using the USPS’s bundled letter program is an effective way to lower the cost of mailing your direct mail pieces. With a bundled letter, you can send as many as 5,000 pieces for less than the normal cost of mailing a single letter. Postage rates depend on the size and weight of the direct mail piece. For example, a 4 X 6 postcard costs around $0.19 per piece. A 5 X 7 6 X 11 postcard costs $.79. 


One of the ways to increase your direct mail response rate is to include a letter in your mail campaign. Letters can be effective in several ways, including providing incentives for customers to make a purchase or join a newsletter. For example, if you have a service or product that people can use, a letter with a discount for their use is a great idea. 

Lift note 

Adding a lift note to a direct mail package can be a great way to reinforce your organization’s message. The note can be a card or sticker, or even an invitation to participate in an online campaign. The note should be different from the rest of the package to make a strong impact on your readers. It is also an opportunity to be creative and try new ideas. 


You can boost response rates when you bundle a direct mail letter with an insert. Make sure the headlines are attention-grabbing and the offers are clear and concise. Include a URL, QR code, or phone number so receivers can learn more about the benefits of the products and services. 

List size 

One of the most important steps in writing a direct mail package is knowing the proper way to bundle the letter and envelope. A direct mail package should not be too bulky. It should be of sufficient size, with a maximum thickness of 0.25″. The letter and envelope must be rectangular, with the correct aspect ratio. If they are not, a surcharge will be incurred.