It is about that time of year again when many of us celebrate our fathers and all that they have done for us. Good fathers contribute so much to our success, especially those of us who have become business owners. If you were lucky enough to have a good father, chances are you have the desired skills to run a successful business and are knowledgeable about effective business practices. 

There is a sweet saying that “A father is someone who carries a picture in his wallet of where his money used to be.”  Of course, the less sentimental version says, “A father is someone who carries bills in his wallet where his money used to be.” Neither statement is wrong. Good fathers typically carry sentimental pictures along with tons of bills. It’s part of the job description. 

Either version conveys the same message, that families are expensive and our fathers are often saddled with a lot of bills due to the care they provide us. Whether your father was someone who managed his money wisely or really struggled financially, chances are you learned a few lessons from observing how he took care of his bills. Many people who manage a business, or own their own company, have a lot to be thankful for on Father’s Day. 

Father’s Day traditions vary from family to family. No matter how you want to celebrate, a nice way to give thanks is to incorporate some of the lessons that your father taught you into your business practice. This Father’s Day, you can show your father just how much he has done for you by making strong, decisive steps in your business ventures. Towne Mailer recognizes that many of the bill management principles taught by fathers can be honored by outsourcing your bill printing and mailing needs. Here are a few principles we can represent:  

Initiative- Did your father teach you how to put your best foot forward? Did he have motivational quips about, “Cease the day” and “Grab the bull by the horns?” If you are one of the many lucky ones who learned how to have a strong work ethic by the motivational guidance of your father, you probably know how having strong initiative has served you well in your business endeavors. 

‘Initiative’ is the drive to get things started. It’s a strong sense of ambition. It’s the ability to grab opportunities as they arise. And, it’s the key character trait that most hiring committees seek for their management team.  

If your father taught you how to take initiative for your career path, you know how to identify a good opportunity when you see one. Towne Mailer provides you the opportunity to save money while decreasing your office workload. By outsourcing your bill printing and mailing production, you will seize the opportunity for post office discounts and will save money on postage.  Your office staff will feel relief when they are no longer burdened by printing mail, stuffing envelopes, applying postage, and sorting mail bins. By outsourcing your printing and mailing needs, you can eliminate the stress and strain on your office technology, like your computer and printer. Not to mention, the cost of office supplies, like office paper, printer ink, and envelopes, will be greatly reduced. Plus, with Towne Mailer’s automated services, you can trust that your mail will be professionally processed from here on out. 

Take the initiative and arrange for your business to outsource your bill printing and mailing production. Show your father and your employees that you have the drive plus the ability to take advantage of smart opportunities. Watch how this decision leads to greater success and higher workplace morale. 

Independence- What greater responsibility do fathers have than to instill a sense of independence in their children? Reading, sports, homework, chores, and allowance are just a few ways fathers often teach their children the importance of a strong sense of independence. Some may claim that it is a father’s job to push their children to gain their footing in the fast-moving world outside of their home. Regardless of how your father taught you to be independent, it is undeniable that independence is essential to success in business. 

Independence, also described as self-sufficiency, is the bedrock to the success of any business. Employees who are short of self-sufficiency are often insecure and lack the where-with-all to complete tasks delegated to them. Independence is also the driving force that allows business owners and employees to course correct when they identify a problem with their current operation. Without a doubt, fathers who have taught a great deal of independence have raised their children to be leaders. 

 As a business owner or a manager, you may question what steps you can take to encourage your staff to use more independence; to be better leaders. Hiring an outsourced bill printing and mailing service, like Towne Mailer, leads to more independence for your in-house team Consider your office’s production of printing and mailing all your company’s bills. A lot of time and effort goes into typing your clients’ information, printing out individual bills, folding, stuffing, and sealing each bill into their envelopes, and applying postage. This eats away a great deal of time and labor from your in-house team’s productivity. When you use an outsourced bill printing and mailing service, you relieve all of this burden from your staff. 

Towne Mailer is fully automated, which means after the client’s information is entered into the system, we provide timely professional bills without any more input from your staff. Your team can return their focus to their core competencies, which will inevitably increase their productivity and morale. You free them up from mundane tasks and allow them the independence to contribute to your business with the skills they enjoy. 

Support- After fathers teach us how to exercise our initiative and strengthen our independence, at the end of the day the greatest lesson is knowing when to ask for support. Good fathers, fathers who are worth celebrating, teach us that we can trust others. When we feel overwhelmed, fragile, or unable to go on, we can count on others for support. 

In business, this support is fulfilled when we know how to delegate tasks. Any good business owner or manager knows what tasks to tackle on their own and what tasks to delegate to professionals. Have you ever known an entrepreneur who seemed to have all their ducks in a row, but inevitably failed in their business adventure? Chances are they could have had a different outcome if they knew when to reach out for additional support. 

Towne Mailer provides support to businesses by offering outsourced bill printing and mailing services. Whether your business is just starting out with only a few clients or you run a fortune 500 company, outsourcing your bill printing and mailing needs demonstrates that you know how to gain the support you need to be successful by delegating important tasks. Let a professional printing and mailing company, like Towne Mailer, manage your bill printing and mailing needs and relieve yourself and your in-house crew of the burden. 

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Towne Mailer is a printing and mailing processing company that supports local, national, and international businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It is our goal to save you the time, money, and labor that is consumed by printing statements, invoices, bills, and other regular mailings.   

Don’t hesitate. It doesn’t matter how big or small your printing and mailing needs are, we treat all of our clients equally. We dedicate the needed time to ensure that all of the documents we process are professional, clear, well designed, accurate, and informative. Plus, we make sure all of our clients are made aware of postal regulations and price changes in a timely manner. 

 It is not a difficult process to get started. The first step is to call us to discuss what your needs are. After we understand your expectations, you will upload a ‘test file’ in order to review the quality of the final product. You are given the opportunity to sign off on any document before it is printed. Once we have your go-ahead, we guarantee a twenty-four-hour turn around for all of our printing and mailing services. Once you see how effortless the process is, you will regret not doing it sooner. 

Towne Mailer feels confident that we can meet your printing and mailing demands. We are proud of our guaranteed 24-hour turnaround for all documents. We contribute our success to our highly specialized ability to print, process, and mail documents efficiently. 

This Father’s Day, be sure to demonstrate to your family that you have learned what it takes to be successful in business.  One way to show your father your strong leadership qualities is by hiring Towne Mailer, who can provide a solid foundation of smoothly operating printing and mailing services for businesses of any size. 

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