Karen Slattery wears many, many hats. As Towne Mailer’s Facility Manager, she can find herself doing any one of dozens of tasks each day, from working with our accounting system to helping with bulk mailing jobs, or assisting with monthly billing. When another employee is absent for one reason or another, it’s not uncommon for Karen to slip in and seamlessly take over the job – donning yet another hat until she is needed elsewhere.

One of Karen’s more important jobs is ordering and maintaining the proper inventory levels of forms, paper and envelopes that Towne Mailer uses in printing and mailing letters, bills, invoices and statements for our hundreds of clients. We buy paper products by the semi-truck loads to get the best possible cost – the cost savings being shared with our clients.

Karen joined the Towne Mailer team 12 years ago, just a few years after the business launched in Missoula. She was looking for a new career and read about Towne Mailer’s job opening for an office manager in the local paper.

“I really liked the blurb,” she said, recalling why she decided to apply. “I loved that Michael [Stronberg] described himself as the Proud Owner. He sounded like a good guy to work for.”

Four the next four years, she took care of the bookkeeping, office management, and metering in the warehouse. In 2008, she became Facility Manager, where she keeps track of production, oversees the office, and makes sure that the overall processes of everything and everyone in the building are moving smoothly.

Outside of work, Karen is the busy single mom of two boys just leaving the nest – her oldest just graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula while her youngest is a rising senior in high school.

What do you love about your job? I really like working here because it’s has a small company feel and we have a wonderful group of people. I never have to worry about getting jobs done. Every employee gives it their all and gets the job done whatever it takes– and we have a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes we have so much fun that the new employees shake their heads for a little while. The atmosphere is so great that it makes the days go fast. Also, Michael is a wonderful boss.”

What do you love about Towne Mailer? “I really like that we are so customer oriented. We do whatever it takes to get that product out in a timely fashion and making sure that is perfect and what the client wants. And everyone here thinks that way too – it’s important to all of us.”

Do You Want Karen On Your Printing & Mailing Team?

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