Reasons Digital Businesses Should Invest in Direct Mail

Digital businesses have a few good reasons to invest in direct mail. It is inexpensive, highly visible, and gets a higher response rate than email. These are the reasons that most digital businesses choose this form of advertising. But what are the benefits of direct mail?  Let’s look at some of them. Listed below are just a few. Among them are.

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Direct mail has a higher response rate than email

Compared to email, direct mail has a higher response rate. Depending on the type of campaign, it can generate more responses than email. Most direct mail is in the form of physical materials such as letters and oversized envelopes. A typical response rate for acquisition and retention campaigns is between five and ten percent. However, this response rate is only half of the equation. Direct mail can generate more responses if your target market trusts the materials. A Lob’s study reveals that direct mail has a 9% response rate, compared to only 1% for email, social media, and paid search. This high response rate is due in part to the fact that direct mail reaches consumers who look forward to receiving it, not because they will necessarily respond. But the digital tracking tools used by mail marketers can help increase the chances of a response. Direct mail is also more likely to be opened by recipients than email.

It’s easy to personalize

Personalized direct mail performs better in all channels, and it’s easier than ever to produce. Before Postalytics, personalized direct mail was almost impossible to produce. While certain document composition software packages were capable of producing personalized mail, these often required steep learning curves and professional service engagements. But now, with Postalytics’ cloud-based software, the average business owner can create personalized direct mail without any special software or skills. The most obvious way to personalize your direct mail is to speak directly to the recipient. For instance, if you know your customer’s recent buying behavior, you can customize your communication based on that behavior. If you’re promoting a special sale on outdoor lighting, send them a personalized mailer containing a coupon for that item. This strategy will increase response rates by nearly five times. However, personalization isn’t only about the content of your direct mail – it can also be a tool that boosts the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

It’s cost-effective

One of the key benefits of direct mail is that it is very cost-effective. While digital ads are effective at capturing attention, direct mail retains its power longer. With the average internet user stumbling upon hundreds of advertisements every day, direct mail keeps your message fresh in their minds. In addition to being cost-effective, direct mail also offers brands control over every aspect of the campaign. One study found that over half of consumers contacted a brand following receiving direct mail. Ensure that your direct mail campaign includes high-quality images that capture the attention of your customers and entice them to read the
whole thing. Four factors determine the overall cost of direct-mail marketing.  These include the mailing list, printing costs, and postage. Direct-mail campaigns can be highly cost-effective when combined with email. Most companies find direct mail to be more effective than email alone. Listed below are some of the benefits of direct mail marketing over email. Let’s look at each of these factors one by one. If you’re interested in maximizing the effectiveness of direct mail for your business, make sure to consult the DMA’s 2017 Response Rate Report to see which types of direct-mail campaigns are most profitable.

It’s visible

Direct mail gets read: Research shows that direct mail is more likely to be read than email because direct mail is seen by a larger percentage of consumers. The ability to get your message in front of high-intent customers is one of the direct mail’s most important benefits. It can help you reach more people since the average consumer will read direct mail, sorting through it when they receive it. Self-mailers have a higher open rate, and they’re also more likely to be remembered than digital ads. Just 44% of consumers can recall a brand from a digital ad. Email promotions don’t get read – most people often discard email promotional offers. But when it comes to direct mail, people are more likely to save your 20% off Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon mailer. Another benefit to direct mail is that it is highly visible – it gets read and acted upon more often than any other form of marketing. Direct mail has a 5.1% response rate, according to the Direct Mail Association. But direct mail is still more effective than most marketing methods.