What to Expect From Direct Mail?

If you’re launching a new marketing campaign, you may be wondering what to expect from direct mail. This article discusses several important aspects of direct mail marketing. It addresses good copywriting, verifying address data, and targeting prospects. Follow these tips to get the most from your marketing materials. And remember to always check your marketing materials for errors. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a stale mailing list and a ruined reputation.


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Good copywriting

When designing a direct mail piece, you’ll need to understand the benefits of your product or service. Some professionals focus on a call to action, while others might choose to write about a feature of the product. In either case, the copy must show the benefits of the product to entice readers to purchase it. If the copy fails to deliver on this expectation, you’ll end up with a direct mail item that is destined for the trashcan.

Verifying address data

In recent years, organizations have increasingly relied on data for identity verification, logistics coordination, and insights. Verifying address data is an essential part of such a process. Address verification services ensure that postal addresses match the mailing address on file. They can do this by checking data entered into online forms against a database of address records. In addition, address validation helps to ensure that mail is delivered to the right recipient. The USPS and Canada Post have their own official address databases, which are protected from unauthorized access.

Personalized brand experience

Today, the importance of personalization has increased in many ways, and this is especially true of offline touchpoints, such as direct mail. Whether you are targeting new customers or existing ones, personalized direct mail can add a powerful element of impact to your marketing strategy. With the right marketing strategy, you can use direct mail to craft an exceptional customer experience. In fact, studies show that businesses that use personalized direct mail get 40% higher revenue than those that do not.

Targeting prospects

When targeting prospects with direct mail, you should aim to provide specific information. In fact, 53% of buyers say that information relevant to their needs helps them make a purchasing decision. Moreover, you should consider the timing of your mailings. Direct mail campaigns can be timed to reach specific demographic groups. To get the most from direct mail campaigns, you should use these strategies. In addition, these campaigns can be effective in increasing brand awareness.


Digital marketing can track a number of metrics, including conversion rate and acquisition path, and social media automation can track sales. Direct mail is more difficult to measure, as you must identify your desired result. The response can be anything from a completed sale to a booked demonstration. Luckily, there are some methods available to track ROI of direct mail, such as a customer satisfaction survey. Here are five tips to measure ROI of direct mail campaigns.