What Results Does a Direct Mail Campaign Achieve?

A successful direct mail campaign can achieve many different outcomes, but several common metrics are used to measure the effectiveness of a mail marketing campaign. Response rates, engagement, and cost are a few factors to consider. This article will highlight four of the most important metrics to consider when creating a marketing campaign. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:


Response rates

Response rates of direct mail are a measure of marketing effectiveness. These numbers can be low or high, and they depend on various factors. For instance, price offers can have a response rate as low as a fraction of one percent. But, these rates are not indicative of response quality. The purpose of this measurement is to compare the effectiveness of different methods of advertising with each other so that you can optimize your next campaign to increase your response rate.


One way to increase your direct mail results is to repeat your marketing messages over again. In direct mail marketing, this is referred to as “repetition.” In a recent study, DRMG discovered that repeating a message ten times creates a higher response rate and is even credited with helping the company land “born-again” leads. However, repetition in direct mail marketing can also damage your reputation.


Engaging consumers through physical direct mail is an effective way to engage them with a brand. According to research, 56.8 percent of professionals prefer receiving physical mail over email. The right creative and targeted message can make direct mail more effective than other channels, resulting in higher engagement results. Engagement results from direct mail are also tied to brand affinity. A successful creative campaign can drive greater ROI and brand affinity. To get started, learn about the benefits of direct mail.


The cost of direct mail depends on a variety of factors. While postage is always variable, the real cost per send can be significantly lower when the mailing is bulk or is sent via postal service. Depending on the destination and recipient list, postage rates may be based on weight, size, and speed. USPS also offers different mailing options, and you may be able to find a bulk discount for bulk mail. Listed below are the costs of direct mail.


In this day and age, when technology has made us less likely to spend time reading direct mail, it can seem like a tough proposition. However, despite its limitations, direct mail remains a highly effective promotional tool.