What Makes the Best Direct Mail? 3 Ways to Improve Your Response Rates?

To improve response rates, you should know what makes the best direct mail. There are four main factors to consider: Offer, Design, and List. This article will cover all four elements in more detail. It will also discuss the speed of turnaround. Here are three ways to improve your response rates:

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Great direct mail starts with great design. Often, companies try to jam too much information into too little space, but white space is a direct mail designer’s best friend. Keep your message simple and direct and offer clear instructions. Use a few of the following principles for a direct mail piece that converts. Here are some tips to help you create the best direct mail piece possible:


While deciding which direct mail service to use for your marketing campaign, there are some things to consider. For one, a good direct mail company will keep its branding consistent, and some may even offer industry-specific templates. For example, Postcard Mania offers postcard designs for realtors. For non-graphic designers, these templates might be a good starting point. If you have a vision of the look you want your mailer to have, you can even select your products.


A high-value offer is unlikely to garner a response. While the initial response may be high, it is unlikely to generate a high ROI. Conversely, a low-value offer may generate a large response. However, there is an art to generating high-value direct mail offers. Here are some best practices for creating an attractive direct mail offer. Listed below are three key elements to consider. You will find that some offers have better ROI than others.

Speed of turning around

Several factors can affect the speed of turnaround when sending direct mail. Good packaging materials will ensure that collaterals are kept safe and secure during transport. If the packaging is opened, the post office will have to repackage the collaterals. A company that prints addresses on each piece will be able to speed up delivery. Printed labels can be secured with transparent tape. Choosing the right mailing date will also play a role.


Among the different types of direct mail, postcards are the most popular because they are cheap and can communicate simple messages. Letters, on the other hand, can contain multiple pages and justify the messaging you want to convey. They are also easy to design and print, making them a great choice for smaller budgets. Oversized envelopes are expensive and can make mailing postcards a more expensive proposition. However, if you’re willing to pay a higher price for your direct mail campaign, then they might be the perfect solution for you.